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The Avengers 2000
An Avengers Site For the New Millennium!

My Updates:

9/30/00: Added a new fanfic today - "Twighlight Town" - and uploaded my first screen grab from David's site.

10/2/00: In honor of Emma's 35th anniversary, I added a new section, Dates Every Avengers Fan Should Know, that includes a screen grab. (It's from K is for Kill, Part I).

10/3/00: Added that lovely little JavaScript prompt at the beginning today. Like it?

10/8/00: I added some new links yesterday, and today I added two new 1965 episode guides today: "The Thirteenth Hole" and "Quick-Quick-Slow-Death".

11/26/00: Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! I'm thankful that I finished (yes, FINISHED) the Season Four episode guides. I'm going to upload a picture there, too. Angelfire's got a glitch so I can't do it right now =(. Also, CGEPJS has a new member, and Cathy has overtaken Emma in the "Best Partner" votes. Exactly 100 people have voted. Of course, I could always recount... I'm sure I could get Emma to win... and recount... and recount...

Episode Guides!
The backbone of every Avengers site, this right now holds "quick little reviews" of the season 5 Emma Peel episodes, with the Season 6 ones being worked on as I write. Eventually, I plan to expand it, and I'm also going to work on some Cathy Gale episode reviews!

Join our AVENGERS Fan Club (CGEPJS)!
Fan clubs are a matter of personal preference, but if you want to contribute to The Avengers 2000, then joining is a good idea. (Actually, it's a must.)

Fan fiction!
Well... um... fan fiction.

Avengers Acronym Gallery!
This area is specific to my site. It doesn't hold acronyms FROM Avengers episodes (David K. Smith has that pretty well covered), but ones that I made up myself. I know it's a little kooky, and small right now, but it takes some pretty long HTML coding! Anyway, if you're curious...

Trivia... and aptly named
Well, trivia. About as trivial as you can get, from what 'Emma' and 'Cathy' are in Hawaiian... to... well... it's trivial!

Dates Every Avengers Fan Should Know
Amazing! Something that's serious! Important dates in Avengers history (its fortieth anniversary is coming up!)


Get an Avengers pen-pal!

Fan Nonfiction -- also known as true stories

CGEPJS has 8 members as of 11/26/00

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