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2600 Shadows

(by 20th Century Fox - 11011)

1 or 2Player
8  Game Variations

M*A*S*H by 20th Century Fox is based on the movie/TV show M*A*S*H which was about a team of doctors in Korea during the Korean war.  In the game, you play the role of Hawkeye Pierce, chief medical surgeon of the 4077th.  Your goal is to rescue injured men from the battlefield by helicopter and then removing shrapnel from injured soldiers.  You compete against fellow surgeons (B.J. Hunnicut, Trapper John McIntyre and Frank Burns).

The 8 game variations are as follows:

1: Welcome to Korea - 1 player
2: Welcome to Korea - 2 player
3: Colonel Potter - 1 player
4: Colonel Potter - 2 player
5: Cease Fire - 1 player
6: Cease Fire - 2 player
7: Operating Room - 1 player
8: Operating Room - 2 player

In games 1 & 2, you must fly a helicopter into the battlefield and pick up injured soldiers without being hit by shots fired from an enemy tank below.  You can only hold 5 men in the helicopter at a time, so you must return to the hospital and drop off the wounded after picking up 5 men.  You play against the computer in game 1 or another player in game 2.  Between each round, you must perform surgery by picking shrapnel out of patients without toughing the shrapnel to the patient.  (This part of the game is a lot like the game "Operation").

In games 3 & 4, you rescue Colonel Potter's skydiving medics.  The closer the helicopter is to the ground when a medic is rescued, the more points you score.  You play against the computer in game 3 or another player in game 4.

Games 5 & 6 are just like games 1 & 2 but without the tank shooting at you.

Games 7 & 8 are just the operating room portion of games 1, 2, 5 & 6.

This game is relatively original and pretty fun to play.  Although it is not a common game, it isn't too difficult to pick up.  I would estimate the average cost would be around $10.


Screen Shot from Instruction Manual

Screen Shot from Instruction Manual


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