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The Long Natural Long Nails of Sexy Angella 2005

My Long Nails are Not only Sexy But There is an Intellegence Behind Them

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Please Join The Group I have Listed Below

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new visitors, group members,fans, admirers,worshipers,the inqusitive ones, and friends to my New Web Site.

I hope you enjoy it and visit it frequently. Please get Familiar with these Sexy Long Natural nails of Mine.

They are always Growing in length and in Experience.They are sometime though of having "a mind of their own" when the grow very long, out of control and start twisting into tubeular shapes.

I hope that you enjoy all of these pictures. My Nails have been very long for many years.I want you to "Cum" to my site and Join me in a chat room and I'll let you know all you want to know about Why,How,My Fingernails are One of My Superior Sexual Stimulating Tools.

I love when people both MEN and WOMEN freak out over my Natural Long Nails.Beleive me,I know how to use them to treat you "RIGHT".

I have this web site for you to explore the Natural Beauty of My Long Nails.

Also for you to Develop a closeness to women who are able to grow and use their very Long Natural Sexy Fingernails and for some Long Toenails, for Total Fullfilment of Your senses and Physical needs.

You may have a Fetish for Nails,and if so,Beautiful.

Share it and enjoy it.

Don't be affraid to state requirment.Visit the links and Join The Yahoo Groups I have listed on this Site.

This Web Site and My Groups can only get better.It's you Natural Long Nail Lovers that make it the best.

I need you,the members to contribute to it creation to perfection. Spread The word and E Mail me as Often as You feel.A after all it was created for u.

So dont be shy now let talk.


Love Sexy Angella

I know You all wonder why Women Grow Long Nails. Beauty, Sexy, Protection and in Domination. We women with Long Nails have the power to attract many with our Long Nails, and make all admirers very submissive.

Sometime These Weapons do Break, But Only After They Have Inflicted a Mortal Gash on their Victim

These Nails Were some of My favorite Long Weapons.They Don't Curve Like Claws, and that makes it easier to Dig Them deeper into someone's skin.Curved Nails Claw and only claw and tear. My nails Dig and Stap up to their Full length if needed.

We Long Nailed Women are Know for Our Untold Life Long Experience in Using and Growing Very Long Fingernails for Culture,Pleasure, protection, Passion,Beauty and Dance.

We love having these Nails for Pleasure and Protection. Long Nails on a Woman, are the most Dangerous Natural Weapon anyone can Posess. We don't just Scratch with them, We Scratch with Passion, as To CLAW or Wound.But we are also very Passionate with these Nails.

We are the Queen's Of the Long Nails in The world. Look at some pictures for proof.

I am also introducing to yo some of the Long nailed members of My Group

These Claws belong To Stileto Nails

She often has Live Web Cam on her Yahoo Group Called Stilleto Nails

I hope You are becoming familiar with These Long Sexy natural Nails.Remember,I would love to talk to you about your attraction,Fetish,admiration, or fear of Women like me that have Sexy Long Natural Fingernails.You Don't Have To be Afraid of Me or My Nails.

Do Remember this,I am very gentle,but My Nails sometimes Have a Mind of Their Own.They Turn wild,and Furious,Catlike,and dangerous.They become like the claws of a Cat and Must Scratch Something.They Love to Dig Deep into flesh like things to test their strength and sharpness.So,Do Respect My Nails.

They are very Tempting,Sharp,Strong, Sxy,passionate,but very Dangerous if They Need to be.

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