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raptors Toronto Raptors

The 01-02 season held high promise that wasn't lived up to. The addition of Dream and Davis moving to 4, was supposed to be the key to the finals, but that just never happened.
The year was only mediocre, the Raptors stayed in and around the top of the central, but they were supposed to be atop the East. The Raptors rolled onward to comfortable place around the third seed at the break. Vince missed out on festivities, because he was injured. After the break was when it all started to fall apart. A few games were lost, but I assured myself that after Vince came back, they would be back to normal. There is only one problem with that: Vince himself was not completely back to normal(health). Then continuing the slide into oblivion. After about a week or two, the Raptors became, for the first time that year, below .500. They fell out of the playoff picture and the season was lost. Vince became even more injured and things were looking their worst. But then, all of sudden, with Vince in street clothes, the Raptors began to pick up steam, and, helped by a soft schedule, slowly made their way back into the playoffs. This was greatly benefited by Indiana's losing, Wizards out of the picture, and the Bucks' implosion. These events, along with few wins, catapulted them into the seventh seed for the playoffs.
Even without Vince, this series was close. Davis, Williams(both), Pete, and Clark, led a unified front to push the series to five. In the fifth game, the Raptors came back in the fourth and came within one possession, where Childs thought that he needed a three and had very little time, and hurled up a prayer that didn't come close. With that their playoffs were over and sent to think over the summer and await what will happen with Vince.
The Raptors were involved in the trade with the Lakers, and recieved Lindsey Hunter, who will hopefully be better, and Chris Jeffries a draftee. Hopefully, with a determined Vince, the Raptors can make some noise in the weak East.