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Other than the ending, this season wasn't all too bad. The Huskers slowly moved their way up the rankings and after the exciting Oklahoma game, they slid right into number one on some polls. They kept that up by continually beating up opponents and staying atop the rankings. Their direct opponent for number one was Miami, but the Huskers let up. A fateful Friday in Colorado led to a devastating, including humiliating loss to the Buffaloes. After that game I was afraid for the life of the Huskers. I was hoping that they might be able to sneak their way into maybe the sugar or citrus or if lucky, orange. Their BCS ranking came out to be in the top ten at about 7, which was surprising to me, but they were hurt in the polls at around ten. For me, and maybe even the Huskers, all hope was lost for Pasadena. There were many articles that told of ways that the Huskers could somehow make into the Rose bowl. This included key losses in particular games that had Texas lose, Florida lose, and Tennessee lose, all of which happened. These events led to a one day wait, where the day after the surprising backup-Q led LSU win, the final BCS rankings that determined the bowl positions, were announced. To my surprise and enjoyment, Miami was one, as expected, but, the Huskers were #2! This totally blew everyone away, especially Oregon, who thought that they definitely deserved the chance to play Miami.
After a long wait, it was finally time for the Rose Bowl. It was on Thursday everything went normally. The Huskers deferred, like always, and kicked off. The defense held Miami at bay for the first drive, and the Huskers got the ball. The Huskers were just pitiful on offense. The run wasn't there and Crouch can only do so much with almost no one around him. The defense let up again, after Craver got an INT, he fell and gave up an easy TD to Miami. From there the tide began to change. In the first quarter, the score was kind of close but in the second, the gap widened. At the half, the Huskers were down badly.
They made a few attempts to get back into the game, but were just too overmatched against Miami--who sent the most players into the first round of the draft. The Huskers only got two TD's but "held" the Canes to 37 and again were humiliated and left confused. The only bright spot of the season was Crouch's Heisman.
The outlook for next season isn't much better, with a jumble at Q and the only mildly solid spot at I, with Diedrick. Many people are predicting a mediocre year with maybe even 3 to 4 losses, but hopefully they can get some good recruiting and throw in more passing, and pull out a good year.