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Aaron's Sports Site

Welcome to my site with limited coverage of sports.

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In this site, I will talk about last season for some of my favorite teams, and the outlook for the future.


I went through being a little kid in the midwest, where sports are usually important; especially, football, which included both collegiate and professional. Other than the NFL, it was all about the Big 12. In the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs was the team that I followed, because they were close to where I lived, so they could be something like a home team, and with this team I and any fan of theirs felt dissapointed with mid-postseason losses despite great regular seasons. I watched a few games on television including Thanksgiving games, and really whenever I had time and wasn't too bored of the game.
About the 98 season, I jumped onto the Minnesota Vikings bandwagon, with Randy Moss, Robert Smith and the good/stocked(this no longer holds true at all)defense. That team almost made to the super bowl, but was halted by the lucky Falcons, who choked in the super bowl. Minnesota coninued playing well, but just could not make it to the super bowl. This includes last,last year--2000--when they had a tremondously successful season where they went undefeated, but then lost a few games at the end to lose the almost secured number one seed, which was lost to the Giants. After the bye, Minnesota had its way with the Saints who put up little fight, but then against the Giants, they totally lost it. That was an interesting game. I saw the game in the morning, but to my disdain, the game began with a fumble on the part of the Vikings, and the Giants just piled on the points. The Vikings never really got going and lost badly.
I also like the Huskers of the Big 12 and followed their seasons starting from the low-to-mid nineties and continuing from there. They had, I think, a three-peat with Tom Osborne as coach and mainly Tommie Frazier at Q. But, after Osborne retired, the Huskers have not won a national title since. They have been mildly successful and part of the college football elite, but just haven't won. They have gone through a series of Q's: Scott Frost, Bobby Newcombe, and Eric Crouch--none of which have gone on to the NFL as pure quarterbacks(hopefully Crouch will be given a chance at STL).


In the mid nineties, I loosely followed basketball, which was really limited to a few weekends and games deep in the playoffs. I can remember a few games, not to mention the finals with the Magic and Shaq who faced the two-peaters, Houston Rockets. I'll admit that I did not really follow the Bull's first three-peat, but I saw the next three against the Sonics, and Jazz(twice). I followed these seasons more closely: watching NBC on Saturday and Sunday early in the calender year, and watching the sportscast of my local news to see if the Bulls won. I guess it's pretty obvious that I was a Bulls fan, and kind of a bandwagoner, but I will tried my best and will continue to follow them through the bad times--this includes these past couple of years, but it seems that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I saw a few drafts and watched most of the entire playoffs of each year, including watching every minute of the finals of those three years. After "the shot" there was this confusing/boring period of speculation of Jordan/Jackson/Pippen's future, which ended in the lockout season and Pippen shipped off to the Rockets, Jordan/Jackson taking a break, and a weak year with exciting rookies, and the Spurs as eventful champions. This was the year that I hopped onto the Raptor's bus. With Vince at the helm, I started rooting for them. Now I guess would be an OK time to mention that I followed college basketball, and tried to follow March Madness, which I couldn't really get a grasp on. I--predictably--tended to go for the Tar Heels of UNC, which included following Vince and Antawn, while seeing them swapped in the draft. After the ('98-)'99 season, was when I began to be really "hardcore" about the NBA. I followed games more closely, even in the regular season, and tried to catch every game in the playoffs on TNT, before being sent to bed when the games were five minutes in--a curse of being east of PST(unless you are Oregon(not that I agree), but that's a different story). The year after, I saw the Laker's return to glory, Sacramento starting to make some noise, along with the Raptors getting to the second round, and, of course, the impatience of T'wolves fans. Finally, the return of riveting action in the finals--Jackson's back and so are, in essence, the Bulls(Lakers). The 2000-2001 season saw the Spurs dominate, and an exciting race for second, which brought us the Laker's unbeaten streak that began in the regular season to overtake the Kings, and continued through the playoffs, to dominate everyone, and lose only one game that had very little meaning to the Lakers. I also started really paying attention to the offseason and watching for any potential trades before they happened.


I have great passion for sports despite being in a family that views sports as a nuisance and something that gets in the way of what's important. Even before I went to kindergarten, I liked sports. The sport(s) that I have focused on has not changed much, but I used to like football, which has evolved to more of a mix with basketball at the top.
I appreciate many other sports including tennis, golf and mildly, baseball. All these sports I enjoy to play--except for golf where I have only played miniature golf and not the real links--and watch. Overall, I'm not too bad, but nowhere near what could be called good. I feel that I have a great competitiveness, sometimes even excessive--example, in PE, I really try, and sometimes others who don't care, don't, which is really frustrating because I know that if they are not trying, then I do not know how good I really am. I don't participate in any kind of school sports, but I just don't think I am good enough.

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