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Dora Winifred "D.W." Read

D.W.'s given name is Dora Winifred, although Arthur has claimed that it stands for Disaster Warning. She is very precocious, with a large vocabulary. Her age ranges from 4-5 years old, depending on the season the episode is set in, whether it is before or after her birthday on March 1st. She loves to watch Mary Moo Cow, listen to her Crazy Bus CD, and play games like Confuse the Goose with her brother Arthur or her friends. She put a snowball in the freezer one winter, but it mysteriously disappeared.

D.W. attends preschool. She cannot read or tell time yet, although she tries to fool Tommy and Timmy Tibble into believing that she can. She becomes jealous easily of anyone who can do things that she can't, or gets things that she hasn't. When Emily could do a better summersault, the Tibbles could ride bikes first, or her friends got more allowance, she became very envious to downright out of control. In her room, D.W. has a ton of troll dolls. She likes to collect lots of things, like buttons and acorns. She has a red and white blankie that she cannot sleep without. She has a sort of antagonism with Pal, Arthur's dog, whom she says is a dumb dog. Her least favorite food is spinach. She has met and had pizza with the President, after getting lost on a trip to the White House.

Her best friend is Emily, even though when they first met, D.W. was jealous of her and didn't like her. She often plays with the Tibble twins who live on her block, though they often anger her. And of course there's Nadine, her invisible friend, whom she often plays with and consults when she has a problem. D.W. shares a room with her baby sister, Kate. Her mother Jane Read is an accountant, and her father Dave Read runs a catering business.

Animal: Aardvark
Known Relatives: Arthur; Kate; Jane (mother); Dave (father); Grandma Thora; Grandpa Dave; Grandma Thora's brothers; cousins
Special Friends With: Emily; Tommy & Timmy Tibble; Nadine; Walter.
Lives: The Read Residence
Quote: "You took my snowball!"

D.W. at 2 years old.

D.W. at 3 years old.