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Beginning Theme Space Madness Hangin' Song
Ending Theme "We're alive! Alive, I tell you.." Ren's Famous Laugh
BellyButton Song "What do you MEAN you dont agree with me?!" "Don't listen to him.."
Billy the Beef Tallow Boy "Go away, I'm busy!" "I'm so happy!"
"Jane! Stop this crazy thing.." "Goodnight Stimpy. Goodnight Ren." Log Song
Stimpy's Letter "Oh the humanity of it all!" "There's something in my ear!"
Muddy Mudskipper Song "I'm the cat!" "Say hello to a superior creature.."
Don't Whiz on the Electric Fence Song Happy Happy Joy Joy Song "The show's over!"
Canadian Kilted Yaksmen Song Jimminy Lummox Song "Powdered toast maaan!"
"We now have control over your T.V set.."
"Memories!" "Don't WHIZ on the electric fence!"
"Out! And don't you come back until.."
"You look like someone who could.."
"I am so SICK of your stupidity!"
"Why won't they leave me ALONE?!"
"See how I love to clean filthy catboxes.."
"Quick man! Cling tenaciously to my buttox!"
"I've been bad Ren, you'll smack me!"
"Are you nuts?!"
"Go ahead, open it!"
"Just what I always wanted!"

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Ren & Stimpy Movies
The Button Stimpy hollering words
Happy Stimpy Ren's Mad Laugh
Ren & Stimpy Theme Ren Screaming
Nerve-Ending Fairy "I always use your stinky litter!"
"We now have control over your TV set!"

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Ren & Stimpy Desktop Theme
Ren & Stimpy Icons

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