Welcome to my site about the Fox Family Original Series Higher Ground. I'll be adding more and more to my site so please add it to your favorites and come back, Enjoy the Site!! Email me if you have any suggestions or stuff to add thanks!! Much more to come!! And don't forget to check out the message board,the slambook, and sign my guestbook. I appreciate everything you have to say :-)


12/2006: Hello Higher Ground Fans, if any of you still visit this site I apologize if there are any broken or unworking links, unfortunately the original files I had were lost and cannot be replaced so there is nothing I can do to fix them. I stopped updating this site a long time ago, but in case anyone is still interested in seeing videos or clips from the show I highly reccommend going to www.youtube.com where you can find free clips of many of the original Higher Ground episodes. Thank you for visiting my site and feel free to email me anytime!

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These are the three Higher Ground awards I have won, and I am very proud of them!! Thanks soo much to Higher Ground Unlimited for these first two, and Higher Ground 2000 for the last newest one I have won!!! :))

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