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LOONEY's Final Act!

Okay, so it wasn't that scary!

So, what does it take to scare you senseless? Is it a scary movie that gets your blood flowing? What was the scariest thing you have ever seen or experienced? Share it with everyone in my Guestbook at the bottom of the page.

The scariest experience for me was being in a service elevator when the cable snapped. We were somewhere around the 85th floor at the time! The elevator did a freefall of about ten floors before the emergency brakes engaged. I was trapped in that dark elevator for almost three hours. It happened a week before Halloween! True story!

Below you will find some items that are perfect for the Halloween season. What are your favorites? "Click" the picture for a different view. Some have audio wavs.

Elvira, "Mistress Of The Dark"



Jack Nicholson, The Shining

"Here's Johnny!"


Freddy, Nightmare On Elm Street

Michael, From Halloween H0

Linda Blair in The Exorcist
(She was 13 yrs old at filming)

The following links are WEBSITES!

"Death Clock" How much time have you got?

"A Mystical Grove" Want to be a Witch? Find a spell here!

"Find A Grave" Looking for a lost soul?

"Serial Killers Atlas" Do you know one? One live near you?

"Vampire Confidential"

Thanks for visiting my Halloween webpage. Tell others about it, if you think they would enjoy it too. Have a safe and happy Halloween. And if you get the chance, scare the HELL out of someone for me!

Feel free to Email LOONEY-2UNES and please sign my Guestbook...thanx!

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