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LOONEY's Dark Side!

Halloween, just the mention of the name conjures-up visions of ghosts, witches and everything devilish and evil. Thoughts of vampires and werewolves running rampant through the towns and countrysides invade our otherwise clear consciousness.

Normal sights and sounds take on a new perspective at Halloween. A person looks twice at every little motion that seems out of place. Doubting and fearing every sound you hear. Our eyes and ears play tricks on our mind this time of year, making even the strongest of souls doubtful.

What was that?...cries your mind at the creaking of the floor or the slamming of a door. The wind even seems to have eerie voices at Halloween time. Crunching I being followed? Is someone watching me?

Indeed, you are being watched and you may even be stalked! The root of this evil is not who, or what you would expect. There is an entity far more sinister than any ghoulish ghost or cackling witch. This evil menace is the unsuspecting PUMPKIN!....