by Goddess Of War

Summary: Mortal Ares and Aphrodite joined Xena and Gabrielle.But somebody is acting childish.
Time line: Right after The God You Know
Subtext/Sex/Violence/language:No,Yes,Yes,yes. So that's a yes on the sex thing so if you aren't suppost to read it, don't! The poor webmistress who is writing this note dosen't want to be responsible for corrupting anyone.
Disclaimer: Xena and Ares story, don’t own them, don’t sue, Pretty please.


We open to the scene of a bright summer morning, our hero's are riding their horses' in a deep forest. Gabrielle is sharing a horse with Aphrodite and Xena is riding by herself. Ares is walking and is lacking behind.

"We should be in Amphipolis by tomorrow," Xena said.
"Xena don't you think we could reach Amphipolis by nightfall if you let Ares ride with you?"Gabrielle asked.
"No," Xena replied flatly.
"Xena if we continue like this we'll never reach Amphipolis by tomorrow," Gabrielle said.
"Yeah, and look at him he looks likes he's about to collapse." Aphrodite said as she looked back at Ares, Xena and Gabrielle also turned.
"Fine, you two keep going." Xena said and with that she turned Argo II around and headed back towards Ares.


Gabrielle and Aphrodite smiled at each other once Xena left.

"Gabrielle we have to make sure they fall in love with each other," Aphrodite said .
“I know, I know, but you?"Gabrielle asked.
"Well having them share a horse is a good start."Aphrodite said as she giggled.
"Yeah, hey lets go further ahead so they can spend some time together," Gabrielle said.
"Ok,"Aphrodite replied.
"Hyah!"Gabrielle exclaimed as she nudged her horse to go faster.

Now Gabrielle and Aphrodite was at lease two good miles ahead of Xena and Ares. Both women laughed out loud.


When she reached him she stretched her hand out towards him. Ares just looked at her.

"Come on, lets get going." Xena said as she wiggled her finger impatiently.
"But you said-" Ares started
“Forget what I said ok."Xena cut him off abruptly.

A smiling Ares took Xena's outstretched arm. With her strength Xena pulled Ares up behind her.

'Get a hold of yourself'. Xena's mind scolded her as she felt Ares arm go around her waist.

Now that Ares was on, Xena turned Argo II around to catch up with Gabrielle and Aphrodite.


'I wonder if I still make her sick?' Ares mind though as he held on to Xena. 'Ask Her! Ask Her!’ Ares heart yelled.

Ares leant in closer towards Xena so his voice wouldn’t be carried away by the wind.

'Oh, gods he's getting closer.’ 'Xena's mind said panicked, 'As if he can get any more closer.' Xena's mind teased. 'Lean into his touch' Xena's heart was screaming at her. 'No', her mind screamed back.
"Xena?"Ares said into Xena ear and she jumped a little.
"Yes?" she replied.
“Do, I still make you.."Ares started.
"Do you still make me what?" Xena asked.
“um-" Ares said as he all of a sudden lost his nerve.
"Ares?" Xena asked.
"Do I still make you sick Xena?" Ares blurted out.
‘Hell No'! Xena's heart replied.
"Well ?"Ares asked.
"No Ares, you don't." Xena said.
‘What the hell do you think you are doing?’Xena's mind yelled, Ares sighed in relief.
"Xena, you know that I love you, But over the last couple of days you been acting like you don't care," Ares said. Xena heard the hurt in his voice. She slowed Argo II to a stop.
"Ares I know that you love me and I have to admit that I love you too, but over the past few days I didn't know how to show and tell you, " said Xena as she turned her head and looked Ares in his deep brown eyes.
'By the gods he's beautiful' Xena's heart said as Xena continued to look at the handsome ex-God of war behind her. Br'By the gods she beautiful'Ares heart said as he looked into Xena's baby blues. 'Kiss her! Kiss her!'Ares heart yelled at him.Giving into temptation Ares leaned in and kissed Xena. To his shock and hers she didn't pull back. With that Ares deepened the kiss.
'What the hell do you think you are doing that's you enemy for crying out loud!' Xena's mind screamed.
'Shut up, can't you see that they are in love?' Xena's heart said in a dreamy like way Aphrodite would've said it. 'Way to go Xena well ... me ... you... I've done it now.' Xena's mind scold. 'Go take a chill pill' Xena's heart said to her mind. At this point Xena didn't care. All she cared about was how good Ares' tongue feels moving around her mouth.

Ares' slowly moved his way down to Xena's neck. He slipped the leather straps to her shift over her shoulders and then made his way down to her breasts. The ex-God took a rosy nipple in his mouth and ran his fingers over the other, carefully kneading the flesh. Xena pushed him away before sliding her way down his body and returning the favor.

"Mmmmm."Ares moaned as Xena sucked his left nipple."Oh gods!" Ares rasp out between breaths as Xena moved from his nipple to his neck. Gently pulling Xena up by her shoulder's Ares reclaimed her lips with his own.


"It's taking them a long time."Gabrielle mumbled concerned.
'That's a good thing."Aphrodite said as she winked at the worrying Bard.
"That and the fact we're a least a good four miles ahead of them," Aphrodite added on.
"True,"Gabrielle said reasoning with herself more than Aphrodite.
"Hey, you said that you would help me get them together. Don't tell me your having second thoughts?"Aphrodite said.
"No,no,"Gabrielle replied.
“Good," Aphrodite said with a smile.
"Hey lets give them some more time together?"Aphrodite asked.
“Ok," Gabrielle replied as she urged her mare into a faster pace.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Moans could be heard a good two miles away, from both Xena and Ares. Xena sat atop Ares, his member buried deep inside of her. They both moved at a furious pace and Xena threw her head back as Ares pounded into her. They both held onto each other, supporting themselves.

"Oh,Gods!" Ares moaned as he came close erupting inside her.

Ares felt Xena's leg tightened around him as a sign to move even faster. Replying to the sign he tightened his grip on Xena's back, Xena did the same as he picked up the paces of his thrusts.

"Gods, I love you Xena." Ares moaned as he thrust one last time filling Xena.
"I love you too Ares." Xena moaned as she squeezed Ares of the last of his seed.

Now they sat in each other's embrace. Xena's head rested upon Ares' shoulder. Ares lazily stroking Xena's hair, both were breathing heavy and sweating.

"You know what Xena?"Ares asked as he spoke in her left ear.
"Ares you can call me 'Xe' and what? "Xena said as she rested peacefully on Ares' right shoulder.
"OK Xe, for a quickie that was great."Ares said as he kiss Xena's neck. Ares felt Xena squeeze his member that lay warm and happily inside of Xena as an agreement.
"Yeah it was." Xena said as she smiled.
"Hey, do you want me to  ride?"Ares asked as he looked down at Xena who was dozing off. He himself was tired but he could try and make it to catch up with Gabrielle and Aphrodite.

Xena just nodded. After putting back on what little clothing they had taken off they switched places on Argo 2 and where off. Both Xena and Ares was unaware that somebody was watching them


Aphrodite and Gabrielle had stopped by a lake to get a drink and to cool off. Gabrielle's horse walked lazily as he ate at some grass.

"Hey, Gabrielle why don't we stay here and wait for Xena and Ares to come ?" Aphrodite asked as she laid underneath an old tree.
"Ok,"Gabrielle said as she refilled her water skin.

Gabrielle heard a rustle by a bush and acting on defense Gabrielle drew her sais. Gabrielle also saw that Aphrodite was ready to panic. She motioned for her to stay put. Aphrodite did what she was told and Gabrielle heard the rustle again but this time it was louder. Gabrielle walked closer towards the bush. She raised her sais ready to attack when a man jumped up from the bush.

"Gabrielle," the man said.
"Virgil."Gabrielle said as she and Virgil embraced in a hug. "Oh, it's so good to see you again."Gabrielle said as she pulled back from the hug.

Aphrodite cleared her thought which got their attention.

"Oh, Virgil this is Aphrodite."Gabrielle said as she introduced the two as she made her way over to where Aphrodite now stood.
"Hi,"Aphrodite said as she and Virgil shook hands.
"Hi," Virgil replied. Letting go of Aphrodite's hand Virgil looked around. "Where's Xena?" he asked.
"She's with Ares."Aphrodite said as she winked.
"Why did you ask?" Gabrielle inquired.
"Well, I have some bad news for her." Virgil said as he looked at Gabrielle.
"What kind of bad?"Gabrielle asked concern.
"Well, you know that Archangel Michael?"Virgil asked.
"Yeah why?"Gabrielle replied.
"Well he’s teamed up with Apollo into finding a way to get Xena out of the picture so that they can kill Eve." Virgil said.