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Welcome to Alf's US to UK translator. It seems that you Americans have forgotten how to talk English correctly so it has fallen on Me to offer you this free refresher course in English Grammar. Search by clicking on the A to Z below or scroll down and you will find US English on the left translated to UK English on the right.
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Convert weights, measures etc

A football A rugby ball
Antenna Aerial
Aluminum (pro: alu min um) Aluminium (pro: al u min ee um)
Banana plug Jack plug
Baseball Rounders
Batchalorette party Hen party
Bathrobe Dressing gown
Beer, a Bud Lager, Bitter
Bobbypin Hairpin
Booger Bogie
Buoy (pro: booee) Buoy (pro: boy)
Bowling Skittles
Breasts Tits, Jugs
Bug/Bugs Beetles, Insects
Bum, Wino Tramp, Dosser
Candy Sweets
Canoe Indian canoe
Center Centre
Cookies Biscuits
Color Colour
Cops The old bill
Cot (Camp bed) Cot (A babies bed)
Couch Setee, Sofa
Daiper Nappy
Drugstore Chemist
Exaust Muffler Exaust Silencer
Fag (Homosexual) Cigarette
Fall Autumn
Fawcet Tap
Fender Bumper
Fire Truck Fire Engine
Fire Department Fire Brigade
Fishing pole Fishing Rod
Flashlight Torch
Football American football
Freeway Motorway
French fries Chips
Gasolene Petrol
"Gazuntheit" "Bless you"
Gray Grey
Herb (pro: erb) Herb (pro: Herb)
High school Senior school
Holiday Christmas
Hood Bonnet
Jack hammer Road drill, Kango hammer
Jack rabbit Hare
Jam (Meeting, Convention) Jam, Preserves  (Boiled fruit and sugar in a Jar)
Jello Jelly
Jelly Jam
John Toilet
Kayak Canoe
Labor Labour
Ladybug Ladybird
Lever (pro: le ver) Lever (pro: lee ver)
License plate Number plate
Liter Litre (Metric capacity unit)
Math Maths
Meter Metre (Metric length unit)
Moscow (pro: moss cow) Moscow (pro: moss co)
Orange soda Orangeaid
Pants Trousers
Panties Knickers
Pantiehoes Tights
Pencil Eraser Rubber
Pissed Drunk
Powder room Girls Toilet
Potatoe chips Crisps
Principle Headmaster
Purse Handbag
Refridgerator Fridge
Route (pro: Rout) Route (pro: root)
Rubber (Condom) Rubber (Pencil eraser)
Sedan car Saloon car
Semesta Term
Sidewalk Pavement
Sneakers Trainers
Soccer Football
Soda Fizzy drink
Spunk (Guts) Spunk (Semen, Cum)
Suspension knuckle Balljoint
Station wagon Estate car
Stickshift Manual (Manual gearbox)
Store Shop
Tic tac toe Naughts and crosses
Tire/Tires Tyre/Tyres
Tire iron Tyre lever
Tomato (pro. Tom ate-o) Tomato (pro. Tom art-o)
Trailer Caravan
Trash Rubbish
Trash can Rubbish bin
Truck Lorry
Trunk Boot
Tube (pro: toob) Tube (pro: teeoob)
Underpants Pants
VCR Video
Volkswagen Rabbit Volkswagen Golf
Vacation Holiday
Vacuum tube Valve
Wallet (girls) Purse
Windshield Windscreen
Wrench Spanner
Yogurt (pro: yo gurt) Yogurt (pro: yog urt)

If you know of any more grammar differences please forward them to me at Thanks.

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Its not just language that sets us apart, there are differences in weights, Measures and Electricity standards!

Gallon/s (US) is only 8 tenths of a UK Gallon We now use litres e.g. 4.55 Litres=1 UK Gallon
Miles We still use Miles/Mph for Cars and Road signs but Km/Km Hour are now used in most Books
Feet, Inches The UK went "Decimal" in 1971. This meant teaching children the Metric system alongside the Imperial one. I Was one of those children who grew up to easily use both systems, sometimes at the same time, whichever is closer to the measured mark! Our "Tape measures" are in both Metric and Imperial.
Electrical standards You use a 110V 60Hz mains supply, here in the UK we use 240V 50Hz 13A supply. Portable Transformers are used by workmen to transform this down to 110V 50Hz for their powertools, apparently for safety reasons. We also use 430V 50Hz "Three Phase supply" system for industrial applications.
Wiring Colours In the UK we use different wiring colors to the US. LIVE is brown, NEUTRAL is blue and EARTH is green and yellow. Our plugs and connectors are also different, with two exceptions: the Jack plug (Banana plug)and the 3 Pin leads that connect to the back of computers, we call a kettle lead.
Light bulbs In the UK our light bulbs dont use your screw-in system our bulbs use a quick-release "Bayonet fixing" system. Screw-ins are available but tend to be more expensive.

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Slang words, insults and colloquialisms

African American, Nigger Nigger, Sambo, Coon, Wog
A gay man, Cupcake A poof, Bender, Shitstabber
A German Kraut (pro: kr out)
An Irishman Paddy, Mick
Asian (Indian) A Pakie
Asian (Oriental) A Chinky
Faggot (Gay, Homosexual) Faggot (A small meat dumpling)
Fanny (Behind, Bottom) Vagina, Pussy
Jacking off Wanking
Lesbian Lesbo, Dyke
Semen, Cum Spunk

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