¿Why does it take so long for them to show DBZ in America?

That is the question most DBZ fans outside of Japan ask. Well that's an interesting question actually. I wondered that myself untill I did some research. Many of you might've watched something like Gundam Wing uncut on Toonami Midnight Run. Or if you've watched any Sailor Moon recently you would've noticed that instead of Uranus they say Urenus. Real anime contains language, blood, and porn. You probably knew that already though. Anyway I heard that a comic shop near me sold every DBZ episode. So I went and bought 3 videos from the Majin Buu saga. When I started to watch I thought it was very weird. The animation and graphics were not as good as American DBZ and that told me a lot about why it takes so long to get DBZ on Toonami and Ytv. Well I thought seeing Gotenks go SSJ3 was pretty cool, but I kept noticing the constant use of curse words. Well I saw a little nudity in the end. I figured that this was not a big deal to cut out. Also the voices were obviously different people, translations take a while I guess, I think they should just use sub-titles, but a lot of people want translations. Well anyway Cartoonetwork has to make sure that they are showing Kid-Friendly programing and so they cut a lot out of thier anime. Well personally I don't think DBZ needs to be cut as much as they cut it, and I think they try to make it too much of a little kid's show. Well the Trunks saga starts in september which will probably replace the Garlic Jr. Saga on Saturdays, so they can make it last a long time. The Cell Game will start shortly after that. That's all for now.

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How the hell did DR. Briefs Send Gokou To Namek if the're were no space pods left?! Gohan Broke through (destroyed) Raditz Piccolo Destroyed Gokou's While Training Gohan Vegeta Took off in his when he was defeated on Earth And Bulma Destroyed Nappa's when trying to use it's remote Control While Gokou was in the Hospital! Dr. Briefs said and Gokou said they used Gokou's saiyan space pod! But there were non left on Planet Earth!
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