my third bios page on dbz


Chi-Chi is the wife of Goku and the mother of Goten and Gohan. Chi-Chi lives in the mountains with her family. Chi-Chi is the first mom in Dragon Ball Z that they showed. Chi-Chi worries about Gohan's studies and his protection. She sometimes worries about him far to much. Chi-Chi is more patient with Goten than with Gohan. I have seen many episodes with Goten, and she doesn't make Goten study as much as Gohan. I guess she thinks Goten is a Super Sayian who can take care of himself(witch he can). Chi-Chi will protect her family no matter what the cost.


Bulma is the first girl that Goku see's. She meet Goku when she hit him with her car when he was about 4 or 5. Bulma was in all of Dragon Ball(Z/GT) history. Bulma had a very quick temper. Bulma had a crush on Yumcha, ever since the first Dragon Ball. Bulma had plans to marry Yumcha, but she married Vegeta instead. Bulma had a son named Trunks, and a daughter named Bra. Bulma will always care for her family and friends.

Videl or beetle

videl is Mr. Satan's daughter. Though she is not is strong as the z fighters, she is much stronger than her father and has participated in at least two budikais, winning the children's division in the twenty-fourth budikai which happened 19 days prior to the cell game.

she goes to the orange star high shcool (the same one as gohan) she discovers gohans identity as the great saiyin man and black mails him to teach her how to fly and fight in thus she learns the butijustu, a unique flying attack. she eventuly goes out with gohan. chi chi wants gohan to mary her imediatly. when gohan is in his sayin man shifts of protecting satan city she folows around and helps him in a few rounds. eventuly near the ending of dbz she marrys him and they have a baby girl named pan or pan-chan. Who even though only 1/4 saiyin shows some supernatural strengh. pan is one of the three stars in the dbz follow up dbgt (dragon ball great travels) were pan goku and trunks travel the universe in search of the dark star dragon balls.


pan is the strongest female sayin, she is 1/4 sayin. she is the daughter of veidal and gohan. pan is mr. satan and goku's granddaughter. pan wears a orange bandana and does not call trunks trunks-san. pan really wants to be an adult for exemple, she hates coffee but drinks it just to look like an adult. she has brown eyes and black hair. she can fly do the kamahamaha,the zanzoken, and the twin entergy ball attack. she never goes ssj and gets angry very easily. her highest powerlevel is 35 million. Pan is one of the 3 main characters of dragon ball Grand Tour (Goku, Pan, and Trunks). She is probably most known for being bratty and sour and getting her and the others into loads of trouble but usally although she causes so much trouble she always finds a benefit out of it like some useful information or even dragonballs. She mostly hangs out with bra, vegeta and bulmas daughter. She has a bit of a problem finding boyfriends because once her dates realize how strong she is they flee.