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Vegeta is the prince of all Sayians. Some how he manged to aviod the terible fate of their planet and was partners with Nappa for a while. He used to be evil and at one point in time, and tried to blow up the Earth. He was foiled and was shown mercy be Goku and Krillin. He lived to help them in the Frezza Saga. Then he became good and fircely powerful. He is the only sayian besides Goku to reach SSJ4 state. Vegeta settled down and had a family. He had a son named Trunks and a wife Bluma, along with a daughter named Bra. Vegeta will stop at nothing to protect his family, friends, and the Earth.


Trunks is Vegeta and Bulma's first son. Trunks is the only Sayian to have a hair color other black. Trunks' mom and granpa are scientits so it comes natural that he knows lots of since. Trunks is one of the only Sayians to go Super Sayian at a age younger than ten. Trunks is best friends with Goten, and that often they go on adventures together. Trunks and Goten are equal in power. Trunks has a weapon called the Z-Sword, that his got from a brave warrior named Tibon (The MIDI below is Tibons song). Trunks also came form the future to warn Goku about the androids and his illness. Trunks will always fight on the side of good and justice.


Piccolo has been in all of the DB,DBZ, and DBGT seires. Piccolo is the storgest Namek on Earth, Probably the strongest in the universe. He used to be enimes with Goku. But that changed and he started to admire Goku's strengh and persistence and the became friends. Piccolo trained Gohan in the Sayian saga. He saw Gohans hidden powers and tried to realse them so they could be of use. Later he became friends with Gohan, and around him is this only time he drops his gaurd. Gohan admires and likes Piccolo. He even dresses up like him sometimes. Piccolo will die for Goku and Gohan, as he proved in the Frezza and Sayian Saga. Piccolo is good friend and will all ways be loved.
Majin buu
Majin buu was a creature created by the infamous majician bebi di, he was created from pure evil and soon became to powerful to be controlled by his master. He was traped into eternal slumber but was re-awakened by bebi di's son and damura, king of the underworld.the z fighters try with all their might to stop this but are too late. Once he was awakened he started off by causing terror everywere. He has 4 diferent forms, little buu, stupid buu (fat buu), super buu (wich my best friend insits on calling super bill sicnce he origionaly heard it wrong), and uubu who eventuly becomes good and is taken under training by goku
Gohan is Goku's first son. During the Radditz battle Gohan was stronger than his dad. He managed to get a good hit on Radditz. Piccolo saw Gohan's hidden powers and trained to be a warrior to help out in the Saiyan Saga. Gohan also helped out in the frezza saga to help fight off Frezza and get Dragon Balls. Gohan was the first EVER to surpass Super Sayian , and go to Super Sayian level 2. He went SSJ2 in the Cell saga. He did this beause Cell was hurting and killing his friends and he wanted to stop all of the violence and put a end to Cell. Though Gohan's arrogance cost him Trunks' life. This made him angry and he attacked Cell and finshed him off with a Kamehamea.Gohan maried Vidal and had a daugter named Pan. Gohan will always be welcome among the Z-Fighters.