DBZ Bios


Goku is the strongest of the Z fighters. He is and has been the main character since the first episode of Dragon Ball. Goku trained under Master Roshi in Dragon Ball with Krillin and trained under King Kai in DBZ to learn kaioken and Spirit Bomb. Goku was able to beat vegeta using kaioken times 3 and was able to beat frieza when he became super saiyjin. Goku will always be the leader of the Z fighters. Goku has two sons, they are goten and gohan.


Krillin is Goku's best friend. He has been friends with him for a long time. Unlike the others on my page Krillin is not a sayian. He is from earth. Krillin is a brave and firce warrior. Although he is not very strong in power, he will be loyal to is friends til the end. Even if it means his death. Krillin helped out in the fight agianst Nappa and Vegeta and manged to wack Vegeta with a spirit bomb that stopped Vegeta's rampage for awhile. He was there on Planet Namek for Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Piccolo in the fight agianst Frezza and his minions. Krillin was the last person killed in the frezza saga.( a very hard battle) He was wished back and helped fight off Cell in the Cell Saga. He eventually setteled down married no.18, who was wished human. He had a daughter named Marron. Krillin is always welcome to the Z-fighters.


Yamcha has been friends of the Z-fighters since the very first Dragon Ball. Yumcha is the weakest Z-fighter. Still Yumcha's spirit is big. Yumcha, fights for the people, not for himself. Yumcha and Bulma had plans to marry each other, but Yumcha died and Bulma married Vegeta. Yumcha is always egear to fight but he rarely wins. Yumcha will always be willing to lend a hand for the good side.


Tien is a very strong oppenent. Tien has many attacks, his most famous is the "Multi-form technique".Tien helps out when ever he can. In the battle verus Nappa, Tien went all out to fight Nappa(which lead to his death). Tien helped out in the Cell Saga aganist Cell Jr's. and many more battles. Tien's best friends is Chaozu. They go everywhere together. Tien will always bewelcome among the Z-fighters.


Goten is the youngest person to go ssj which was at age 7. He always hangs around with Trunks. If goten would get one wish he would wish for a never ending candyland. Goten is part of the fusion gotenks, which is goten and trunks. Gotens dad is Goku, and his brother is Gohan. When goten was born, goku was dead. goten was born trunks is jelous of goten because he has a big brother. gotens main move is the kamahamaha. Chi-chi is gotens mother. Chi-chi is not woried as much about gotens school work as she is about gohan's. when goten first turned ssj, gohan was very suprised. goten was not born with a tail. It seams that most half sayins don't have tails, not encluding gohan. Goten was born during the cell games. In the Tanki Itchi budaci tournament, he place 2nd next to trunks in the youngth divison. Goten first sees his father in the third episode of the Tanki Itchi Budaci tournament.