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GI Joe:Transformers
Concept by Voice_Guy

Episode 1 part 1&2

The once a used-car salesman,turned terrorist soon
lost control of his organization known as COBRA.
Sometime in the mid 1990's Cobra made a bargon
with an alien being called Megatron,the deal was
to give him a new body in exchange for his technology.
Megatron kept his side of the deal,and soon left.

What Megatron didn't know was that Cobra Commander
secretly stole information from Megatron's databanks.
Although it was encrypted. By the year 2000,Cobra
Commander soon discovered it's secret. That year he
retrived contained something was once lost to all cybertronians.

This was the secret to cell division,whith this new piece
of data,Cobra Commander was able to manufacture new
and more improved versions of his Battle Android Troopers
known as B.A.T.S,unlike the past these BATS,were able to
reconstruct damaged parts by cell division,they were nearly
indistructble,the're only weak point were their robotic minds.
They were not able to think for themselves,so they were easily
captured and destroyed.

This did not stop them,they soon used this data in a series
of biological testing in humans to create the perfect super
soldiers,previous attempts failed. Cobra went back to being
terrorists,selling weapons and Cobra technology to the
highiest bidders. Soon they struck deals with various middle
eastern governments,and by the year 2015 Cobra was the #1
terrorist organization once more. This was until the year 2025
when they were beat by the terrorist organization known only
as SKAR,lead by Iron Claw.

Using the profits from his shady businesses,and sales of weapons
and Cobra technology,Cobra Commander once again claimed the
number one spot as the largest terrorist organization. His dreams
finally realized,and came true. By the year 2050 COBRA had taken
over Earth,Cobra was no longer an organization,but now an empire.
They soon took over Cybertron as well,both races doomed by Cobra's
control over their planets. One unknown being had broken into
one of Cobra's weapon faclities,and along with a few weapons
they also stole a small ship with a transwarp coil,which was banned
from use.

They set course for Earth,in the year 2000,the time when Cobra
began to gain control,something went wrong,and the being
wound up stranded in the year 2025,it was caused by a fluxuation in
the tempral timestream. Meaning time was altered somehow,there
is now a rip,or tear in the time stream. Time became unstable.
This caused several beings to get caught in this fluxuation,beings
from all different times found themselves in the year 2025.

On Cybertron duruing the year 2025,the Cybertronians seemed
to be un effected by the tear in the timestream. In Iacon,the Autobot
council of elders had recived a transmition from one of their own on
Earth claiming that there were new ans strange Cybertronians on
Earth,claiming to be from the future. The Council requested that
the recenly retired General Optimus Prime,to be reinstated and
once more go back to Earth to investigate these new Transformers.

Optimus takes a small crew to Earth to investigate. He finds
his old friends Hot Rod and Daniel,with them are a new group
of Cybertronains like no other,much more advanced than himself.
They claim to be from a time where Autobots and Decepticons
became a new race known as Maximals and Predacons. Only
now it would seem that some of them have once again became
Autobots like that of the past.

Meanwhile in a far off desert like land,we find that the Predacons
too have found themselves in this land,and were greeted by the
Military,later to be COBRA,some were damaged and required to
scan for bodies. Those that scanned for bodies had then became
Decepticons,with military style weapons and bodies. They are soon
greeted by a strange human male in a long black trench coat.
He strikes a deal with Megatron II,in exchange for Megatron's
partially damaged body,they will give him a new and stronger one.
He agrees,under his aditional terms. Megatron II asks for an army
for him to command,the man agrees but he says it will take time.

Back with Daniel and his new friends,Daniel says he is a member
of a special government team,that deals with aliens and technology.
(could be Area 51?) He says that he will see what he can do to get
the new Cybertronians back to their own time. Suddenly they are
under attack,it's megatron with a new group of decepticons,eventually
Megatron and his soldiers just leave,as does Optimus Prime,and his
group,followed by Optimus Primal and his crew,including the new

In Earth's capitol,the Department of Defense,contacts Commander
Abernathy ,and General Marissia Fairborne of Earth Defense Command.
They tell Abernathy and Fairborne that the President of the United
States,requests that the Government once more require the super
special team known as G.I.Joe. Marissa then begins her search for
a new group of Joes.


GI Joe:Transformers 2000 by Timothy Alan Tilley