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Updated: 2/23/00

Welcome to the third watch. Here's where paramedics, fire fighters, and cops risk their lives day in and day out for the shift of 3 to 11 pm. This is a web site that is devoted to the NBC show called "Third Watch".

Within this web site are favorite quotes, biographies of the characters, and a section for fanfiction. The future will hopefully bring about more pictures, a message board, and more links to various other "Third Watch" web pages. So please, pull up a chair, stay a while, and most of all, enjoy.

6 FanFic Starters for Bobby and Kim
2 FanFic Starters for Bosco and Faith
1 FanFic Starter for Bobby, Kim and Jimmy
1 FanFic Starter for Bobby, Kim and Dana
2 New Stories in FanFic Section

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