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For the .mp3 files, right click and click save target as. I think you may even have to change the extension back to .mp3, it seems to change them to .mpga. Angelfire is wierd (or maybe my computer). Or just click - do as thou wilt and let the land be brought to burnination!!!

Download the DivX Codec here(710 KB) For those of you who I have given Transformer episodes to (change .txt to .exe after downloading (due to angelfire issues)).

Merry Christmas

ChristmasCard2004.avi (3Mb)may need the divx codec.

Here are a few Snoopy comics.

Snoopy01. Snoopy02. Snoopy03. Snoopy04.


Or, if you prefer, go insane. (124 KB)

The horn of Helm Hammerhead shall sound in the Deep once more. (102 KB)

German Pinky and the Brain Theme (454 KB)

Pinky and the Brain - Insane in the Brain (1.3 MB)

Good Old Mountain Dew (1.2 MB)

Techno Pinky and the Brain (1.2 MB)

Pinky y Cerebro Spanish Pinky and the Brain (474 KB)


Vegeta Java Applet Game From Java Class

Vegeta Java Applet Game From Java ClassSame thing, but requires java to be installed (makes a couple more sounds work)

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