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Little Spooky's Fan Fiction

Hey, all! This page has links to various fan fiction websites and stories. Most of the links are science fiction or cartoons at this moment. If you have any suggestions, (for example => links, comments, story ideas) e-mail me and put the name of your website or your suggestion in the subject line.

In case a few of you were wondering, I have kinda changed my penname. For the longest time I've been "Little Spooky", which came from watching The X-Files (Mulder's nickname is Spooky). I wasn't too happy with the last couple of seasons, so I've changed my penname to "Batgirl". Those of you on RSY already know that. However, many of my older stories listed still have "Little Spooky" listed as my penname because those were written and finished under that penname.

All fan fiction that I have written can be found on my fan fiction page. I've been working on a few stories for a while, and due to time constraints, they won't be finished for a while. Also in the works is a Batman Beyond story which is starting to develope itself in to a fairly good story if I may say so. :D I've also started work on a couple InuYasha fictions, but have only posted my finished ones as of yet.

Before you leave, you should read my disclaimers so I don't get in trouble for anything I don't own.

So now that that's done, here's the fan fic. Fan fiction on this website is sorted by series. Click on a link to take you to that series.

I have been surfing the net lately, you know, searching for more fan fiction, and I came upon a fairly interesting website. The Star Trek Personality Test. I took it and came out a Lieutenant Commander working either on the Bridge or in Engineering. Go ahead. Take it (link below) and see what you get. It's kinda interesting.

Okay... I admit it... I'm an otaku geek. I love manga. It's my most recent passion. Hana Kimi, Hot Gimmick, InuYasha, Love Hina. I love them all. And I'll have webpages for them all eventually as well, but for now, check out my InuYasha and Hana Kimi pages.

I've started a Blog. Yeah, can you believe it? I call it The Cave.

One of my newer additions is a guest map. I guess you could say it's kinda like a guest book, but it shows the area of the world you and others who visit my site are from. If you'd like to see it, go to the guestmap.

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