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NOTE! I am NOT Danny! Don't send me email for Danny because I do NOT know him! Thanks!

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hi everyone! Sorry this page hasn't been updated in well.. forever. Please remember my life doesn't revolve around it. :c)

I *just* finished reading the 100+ emails in the SPTDE account and adding the members. If for some reason you weren't added or something is wrong, please contact me at!

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN: Please send me an email, but remember I may not get back to you that quickly. I'm sorry to the people that sent me emails like 3 months ago and didn't get joined until now! I am working to update everything and get everything going. Lindsay's gonna help me out I think.. and I have a possible new webmaster. Anyways... that's it for now. Email me! Thanks!

-- Michelle 10/20/00

Old Stuff...

Welcome to the Society for the Preservation of the Twinkle in Danny's Eye - SPTDE for short.

This is a webpage dedicated to Danny from Real World New Orleans, and that cute little twinkle he gets in his eye when he smiles :) At the SPTDE you can find photos of Danny, links to Danny fan pages, but most importantly, the member page.

You can join the SPTDE and your name, webpage, email, and any other info you want on the page will be there, along with your Twinkle Preserver #. Once I get this thing up and running, you will recieve a weekly newsletter on Real World/Danny if you would like!

So, decide if you want to join the SPTDE by looking at the Info page, and follow the instructions there! Or, if you prefer, just browse the page. But be sure to sign the guestbook! Thanks!