((latest update-8/19/01))

I'm baaackkk! I'm a year older and I have 4 teeth less ;P Yup, I had my wisdom teeth out..it was a big pain in the @$$ but..theyre better now. Oh, and my bday was August 11 (I'm 17..yay!). I'm working on some updates for you guys right this moment- look for TONS of brand new song dedications, and pages supporting my anti-Theresa views. As soon as I have an entire list of the new updates, I'll post it, but this page is constantly a work in progess. By the way guys, I made a Yahoo club for us! the address is http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/ropeemoff and I hope to see you guys there! I will be posting alot so please check it out..it might take a few days to get straight, so please bear with me. Well..just surf around and enjoy :)

ok, I have something to say. This is really important. Lately I have been getting an abundance of hatemail, alot of it directly insulting me, Molly, our thoughts, our beliefs, and our site. We made this site for a reason- and it wasn't to be yelled at and treated as if we were less than human simply because of soemthing we did or said. We made this site to make YOU laugh...we made it for YOU. All the time, energy, everything that we have put into this site is for YOU. And if you visit this site, and you go through every section and ALL you can say are mean degrading things, and you can't find even 1 good thing at ALL to say about us or our site, than please do everyone a favor and don't say anything at all. The "When Mean People Attack" page WILL be shut down, simply because I believe it was only provoking this type of mail. Please, if you dont have anything good to say, DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. Everything we do is for you, and if thats all you have to say, than I'm sorry. I truly am.

Hi, everybody! Molly here. I've just put up my bio and another page, so you can go see them, if you want. Also, I am a Theresa supporter, as opposed to Missy, who is a Gwen supporter, so please send your hate mail accordingly. Thank you!

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