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  • 11-30-00 made pics compatible for all macintosh 'puters and i am working on getting them to show up for pc's. started trick thread
  • 12-2-00 added link to trick page. started game page

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    hey eerybody that is visiting my site, haven't been editing it much lately, kinda busy. i know that quite a few people that are visiting this site are my friends from lubbock, and i would like to tell all the sk8ers out in lubbock that there is a decent sk8 park in plainview. take the free way to Plainview and take a right at the Main Street. once on main street go all the way to the end of the street, about 6 stop lights i think, and take a right on Broadway and in a old united is the sk8 park. it cost 2 dolla to get in and it is required that you were a helmet. check out the park, it is decently phat.

    all of these people live in lubbock, texas and me(michael tackitt) blaze butler and jacob perry are entering the x-games invatationals. thanks to all the phat sk8ers that visit my website and i am working to improve it

    Email: kilergrind@aol.com