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Lucy Glover & Sian Woolaway


    My name is Lucy Glover and I am co- producer of this web site with my very good friend Sian Woolaway. I have been a fan of comedy for all of my life and have been running smaller comedians web sites for a few years now but Sian and I have decided to combine our efforts to make one superb web site for everyone to visit. We have been contacting as many stars and writers as possible for help and hope to make this indeed the "ultimate" comedy web site on the net. Well, a little about me, my favourite comedians are Rik Mayall, Ben Elton and Simon Pegg and my favourite programmes are "Spaced", "Bottom", "The Young Ones" and "The New Statesman". Please feel free to contact me and I will reply asap. Well, I will swiftly pass you on to Sian, so all I have left to say, is enjoy the website!

      Hello, I'm Sian... Glad you finally found your way here! I can't remember whose idea it was to start this website but I'm glad we did, because it gives us a lot of brand new opportunities to stalk our favourite comedians :) I first got into comedy when I was a small child, through stealing my big brother's 'Young Ones' videos and by sneakily watching 'The Mary Whitehouse Experience' when nobody was looking. That shows just how young I am, I suppose :) I then graduated to a love of Lee and Herring at the tender age of approximately 13 (guess which one I had the embarrassing teeny crush on...!). And from there, I suppose I've just loved anything that made me laugh (aaaah!). Recent comedy triumphs (in my opinion) include: The League Of Gentlemen; Spaced; TMWRNJ series 2; Smack The Pony; Goodness Gracious Me; Al Murray winning the Perrier; The Mighty Boosh and everything else. Except 'The Last of the Summer Wine'. Sian xx

      P.S Please mail me. I'm so bored.