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Rik Mayall

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Rik married?

    Yes, Rik is married to Barbara Mayall, a make up artist who he met while performing as Kevin Turvey.

    Does he have any children?

    Yes, Rik and Barbara have 3 children, Rosie (eldest), Bonnie and Sidney.

    What is this whole Lise Mayer thing?

    Lise Mayer is the daughter of one of Rik’s old drama teachers. They were together for seven years when he met Barbara, who was working in the same venue as him. On spotting her he immediately thought “that’s the one” Basically he two timed both of them for a while, then they both got pregnant. At a party with Lise, Rik faked illness and ran off with Barbara to get married. Lise later lost the baby. They made up a couple of years later and are friends now. This I general knowledge and what Rik will allow to be told.

    How can I get hold of…?

    I am often asked by new Rik Mayall fans how I have collected so many Rik items. As they can only find Bottom and The Young Ones. Many of the items are second hand so it may help if you go to second hand shops or boot fairs are perfect to pick them up. This would be my advice but many other items can be bought at the everyday shops or can be ordered. (Also it may help to join the fan club and try and find someone with the item you require, as many members are also looking for items) This following information is from the videos and they may have been deleted but please let me know if it helps.



    Bottom is available in double video packs for each series or individually. These codes may help for anyone having difficulty.

    Bottom (BBC Video– BBCV 4821) (Smells, Gas, Contest)

    Bottom (BBC Video– BBCV 4845) (Apocalypse, Bottom’s Up, Accident)

    Bottom 2- (BBC Video– BBCV 5115) (Parade, Holy, ‘S Out)

    Bottom 2- (BBC Video– BBCV 4994) (Digger, Culture, Burglary)

    Bottom 3- (BBC Video– BBCV 5650) (Hole, Terror, Break)

    Bottom 3- (BBC Video– BBCV 5661) (Dough, Finger, Carnival)

    Bottom Live (0882143)

    Bottom Live 2– The Big No 2 Tour (6358683)

    Bottom Live 3– Hooligans Island (0553463)

    Bottom Fluff- (BBC Video– BBCV 5941)

    Remember Me?

    Can be ordered from any video shop

    Kevin Turvey– The Man Behind The Green Door (BBCV 5883)

    The Pick Of The Nose (BBCV 5963)

    Filthy Rich & Catflap 2- (BBCV 5271)

    An American Werewolf In London- (084 252 3 – 4 Front Video)

    The Tale Of Two Bad Mice & Johnny Town Mouse (30370 30193 Carlton Video)

    Bring Me The Head Of Mavis Davis (Mosaic VC3656)

    Whoops Apocalypse- (637 196 3 4 Front Video)

    The Wind In The Willows- (30370 30173 Carlton Video)

    Extra Information

    *The Rik Mayall Presents Videos have been deleted*

    *Many Comic Strip videos have currently been deleted*

    *If there is a certain item that you are searching for, then please contact me as I may be able to track it down for you*

    Where was he born?

    Droitwich, near Birmingham.

    When is his birthday?

    March 7th, 1958.

    Where does he currently live?

    Pasture Farm, near East Allington, Devon.

    Who sang the song from The Comic Strip Presents… 4 Men In A Car?

    The song is called `Gold` and is by 80’s band Spandau Ballet.

    How can I get hold of it?

    The song is on Spandau Ballet’s greatest hits album- The Singles Collection.

    How can I contact him?

    Aude Powell

    The Brunskill Management Limited Suite 8A,

    169 Queen’s Gate,


    SW7 5EH.

    This is his agents address.

    Is there any other information?

    1. Dyeing his hair white– blond to play a pop manager in the movie Bring Me the Head Of Mavis davis made Rik feel so sexy that he rushed home each night for nookie with his wife Barbara.

    2. When Co-Star Stephen Fry walked out of the doomed West End play Cell Mates, Rik had to carry the show and threw up with nerves every night before going on stage.

    3. Rik had to snog veteran actor Ian Richardson (Francis Urguhart in House or Cards) in ITV’s Christmas special The Canterville Ghost, just minutes after their first meeting. Ian reveals: “I think he had garlic the night before”

    4. Rik met comedy partner Ade Edmonson at Manchester University and The Young Ones was based on Rik’s student house, Lime Cottage in Fast Didsbury. Ade used to try and ride his motorbike up the stairs.

    5. His real name is Richard but he adopted Rik as a teenager because he loved the comic strip character Erik the Viking.

    6. After University Rik did a string of jobs, including road sweeping and factory work, while he wrote comic material at night with Ade. “I was broke I had to get off with girls to get a bed for the night!”

    7. He persuaded the legendary singer– turned preacher Richard to baptise his daughter Rosie, now 11, at top London restaurant L’Escargot.

    8. Rik turned to Michael when researching for his role as Tory MP Alan B’Stard in The New Statesman.

    9. When television Critics panned his sitcom Filthy, Rich and Catflap, Rik underwent a crisis of confidence and applied to train as a teacher.