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  • We would like to give many thanks to the following people who have helped us endlessly and who without this web site could not exist-

    Simon Pegg (Co-writer and star of BAFTA nominated show "Spaced")

    Robert Llewellyn (star of hit comedy "Red Dwarf")

    Jane Bussman & David Quantick (co- writers of Channel 4's "Jam")

    Dave Gorman (stand up comedian)

    Richard Herring (star of "Lee & Herring")

    Sian Woolaway (co- creator of this site)

    David Cann (star of "Jam")

    Al Murray (stand up comedian)

    Nick Lee (from the "Spaced" site)

    Adam Buss

    Susan Murray

    Catherine Hanley (from Empire Online)

    Timo Newton-Syms (owner of the Sally Phillips web site)

    Gus Rogers (for help with comedy contacts)

    Oriane Messina

    and everyone who has contributed to the Rik Mayall Fan Club through the years.

    Finally, both Sian and I would like to thank our mums, friends and countless other people who have helped and contributed. .