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THTV Extra

 frosty baby


"Dom Jolly and his hidden camera antics, inevitably involving embarrassing celebs or members of the public, used to be the segment of Friday nihjt comedy you watched because it was too much hassle to find the zapper. Now, thanks to the running gags like the bloke who shouts down the huge mobile phone, it's becoming curiously addictive. Silly, but fun" - The Guardian, 11 February 2000

If you like Dom Joly's japes and I do, it is rather sad that this is the last chance to see his bizarre interactions with the public. Uniforms loom large in the joke. Dom is given to dressing up as a traffic warden and ticking off motorists when their cars get stuck in traffic. You might meet him in the park as an officious warden, and old pensioners never seem outraged when he accuses them of some mischief or other. We the public, it seems, will treat anyone in a uniform with the utmost seriousness. Even dressed as an oversized, over-aged Boy Scout, Joly is never short of old ladies to help across the road. When he beats people up, no one intervenes. It's all rather worrying, really. But funny. - The Guardian, 18 February 2000


TRIGGER HAPPY TV is an ABSOLUTELY production for Channel 4 Friday 9.30 pm, repeated Saturday 10.30 pm

Performed by Dom Joly
Camera Sam Cadman
Produced and Directed by Dom Joly and Sam Cadman
Series Producer Alex Jackson-Long