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Comedy 2000 - The best new shows

 Trigger Happy TV  THTV

This year has already seen a number of great new shows. January saw the arrival of Dom Joly on the mainstream comedy scene with the fantastic Trigger Happy TV. Originally hillarious streat sketches on the unsuspecting public and an upbeat sound track resulted in one of the best new comedy shows for years. Joly has alot of potential and is amassing cult status to the same level as Ali G.

 Perfect World Bob Slay

BBC introduced several new office sitcoms (The Peter Principle, Beast.....) but it another former streat prankster who produced the only masterpiece. Paul Kaye has moved away from the character of Dennis Pennis and a new gem under the guide of "Perfect World's" Bob Slay.
This Blackadder-esque comedy sees Kaye's character continually knife his fellow workers in the back for his own self-advancement. Slay is the complete embodiment of laziness and irresponsiblity yet (unlike Edmund Blackadder) he never seems to get his comeuppance. His co=worker Vaughan (Baldrick) toils each week in the office to get their work done without any recognition. Slay's behaviour goes unchecked mainly due to the absurd boss, "The Marketing Director". A mixture of Winsor Davies, Hugh Heffner and herd of unyielding Buffalo, this ludicrous character revels in his self-produced sexual connotations. Charcter and plot lines are well formed throughout and this show should see further success.

Chris Morris has returned once again to our screens to extend the boundaries of humour with a TV version of his dark, surreal radio-comedy "Blue Jam". Channel 4's "Jam" allows us a frighteningly hillarious view inside the mind of Morris. Unorthodox video and sound editing produce many surreal effects throughout the show which augment the uncomfortable strangeness of this comedy. The characters displayed in the sketeches are deeply disturbing and often incredibly neurotic. Look out for the oddly mannered GP the welcomed return of "TMWRNJers" and "Big Train's", Kevin Eldon.

Other shows devised by Chris Morris include "The Day Today", "Brass Eye" and "Blue Jam".

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