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Mobile Phone Man

The trademark mobile phone ringer tone has become the shows most memorable catchphrase. The jingle signifies the arrival of the man with the oversized mobile phone who proceeds to shout and roar his conversation to the shock of the unsuspecting bystanders. This character continues to appear in the most socially unacceptable locations for using a mobile phone most notably amongst the audience at a cinema and open-air theatre. His conversation is staggered and broken, often containing short, brief remarks: "WHAT", "IT's RUBBISH". The shows very first sketch was Mobile Phone Man unleashed on the clientele of a high class restaurant. His other locations have including Belgium, New York and Paris. ...Back to Top


Posing as a tv presenter, Joly interviews celebrities and slowly begins to act strangely. Sometimes a character constantly remains in the camera shot. Joly initially asks him to move before finally attacking him in a rage of anger, much to the shock of the celebrity. The Interviewer character has often fled the scene for a variety of reasons leaving his famous subject bewildered and bemused. Memorable sketches have included Ken Livingston's stern reaction to a violent outburst on costume guerilla and Tony Blackburn's giggling replaced by shock at Joly's pursuit of a female fan......Back to Top

Costume Dogs

Members of the public have been subjected to many surreal scenes of costume animal violence as an ongoing feud between two costume dogs leaves the dalmation character sprawled, apparently unconscious on the ground. Man in Lift This sketch shows a member of the public waiting for the arrival of a lift. When the doors open, Dom Joly is revealed to be firmly in position either sitting on a toilet or at a dinner table. Joly proceeds to glance upwards, acknowledge the person and then nonchalantly presses for the doors to close. .........Back to Top

Undercover Man

Joly, disguised in trench coat, dark glasses and hat plays the role of an undercover spy. In some situations he approaches someone on a park bench and attempts to hand them his suitcase using code words such as "grey squirrel" and "red fox" to the bewilderment of the member of the public. The most elaborate set up involved a unsuspecting phone-box user become the centerpiece of a bizarre money exchange laced with secret codes involving a "nun" and a "doctor"...........Back to Top


Assuming the role of a park-keeper, Joly attempts to vilify elderly park goers, accusing them of behaving like young hooligans. Each sketch starts with the park-keeper saying that he had been "tipped off" and that someone "matching your description" was acting improperly. When the elderly victim pleads innocence, the park-keeper relentlessly continues his interrogation. ........Back to Top

Traffic Warden

Joly's traffic warden character accuses motorists stopped in traffic or at traffic lights being illegally parked much to their amazement. This over zealous jobs worth repeats his mantra, "not on my patch, never" even to a street cleaner and forces him to move his wheelbarrow of equipment away from the double-yellow lines........Back to Top

Fat Men

Joly and his associate are padded up to the extreme as the two fat men who are constantly becoming stuck in doorways often entrapping a member of the public in the process. Most memorably, both overweight characters emerged in installments from a doors of a public toilet.....Back to Top.

Street Ad Man

A prankster tv presenter envolves members of the public in the promotion of various products. When their back is turned, camerman, boom operator and Joly frantically run away. Sometimes a final twist is employed in which the original crew is replaced by some curious characters...........Back to Top

Street Artist

This deeply disturbed Trafalgar Square based character revels in not actually painting his voluntary subjects but writing insane remarks on the canvas and then running off into the distance........Back to Top

Untrustworthy Man

In this role Joly asks for advice from unsuspecting members of the public whilst standing directly in front of an enlarged picture of himself with the comments:"Do Not Trust Me". Memorable scenes included two people searching for his contact lens whilst Joly proceeded to read a novel. This sketch often involves attempting to get money (10p) from the public for some strange ficticious cause.......Back to Top

Boy Scout

Joly, in Boy Scout attire, approaches elderly people to act as witnesses as he attempts to get a ludicrous scout badge. The Boy Scout character debuted by asking an elderly man to push him into a fountain. On doing so, the Boy Scout reacted angerly, shouting "what are you playing at ....". Other badges including assimulating oneself into the background although Joly merely crouches down or stands behind a small shrub............Back to Top

Foreign Musicien

People enjoying the quiet atmosphere outside a cafe are subjected to a foreign musicien whose attempts at providing musical entertainment are misplaced through his complete musical inadequacy. Joly has posed as a tuba playing German who provide "eine kleine musik" and a dutch one-man band with "a tune on the banjo and drum" to name but a few....Back to Top


This lonesome figure regails people with his tails of the sea coupled with his dark fears and memories. He projects himself as being completely incompetent at all maritme activities. His accounts of lost love lead to two old ladies remarking that he was a handsome young fellow and wouldn't have trouble finding a new girl. Pipe in hand, Joly strolled away, saying "I'm homosexual....." ..........Back to Top

Dutch Tourist

"Netherlands, you speak Netherlands???" asks this comical tourist. With oversized union-jack hat and armed with a phrase book he seeks the help of passers-by. Well spoken but illogical sentences are his catch phrase. "Is there a dispenser for hard or soft drinking...?"....Back to Top

Man with Dog

Plain clothes Joly is accompanied by a real stuffed Alsatian on a leash which he insists is still alive. Passer-by are stunned by the taciturn dog and its nonchalent owner. Joly, even visited a vet seeking some energy biscuits to perk up his best friend. Leaving empty-handed, Joly picked up the dog and walked off with it on his shoulder.........Back to Top

Wig Man

This Large-Affro wigged character obstructs tourists attempts to take photographs of famous landmarks by continuosly walking into shot. When the helpless subject moves position, Wig Man follows their movements...........Back to Top


A mischievous snowman character standing in a field behind a fence who comes to life when someone passes and proceeds to lob a snowball. When the victim turns around there is no apparent culprit, except the innocently frozen snowman. An alternative is when members of the public are admiring this well made snowman and the character leaps into life much to their shock........Back to Top

Ski Man

A ski slope is the setting for a variety of characters. An injured and heavily bandaged Joly stands beside his advert for a "krappe" ski school looking for business. Joly also lampoons the hip ski-boarding culture. One character, clad in ridiculously gary clothes and and armed with a plank of wood with the word TWAT inscribed, engages alpine regulars in conversation. His questions, "Have you ever done a J90 on a 2-by-4", go unanswered.........Back to Top

Sport Instructor

A seemingly professional sport instructor provides some coaching to a member of the public. He exhibits complete ineptitude at the discipline and then flees the scene leaving his pupil bewildered. A golf instructor and long jump coach have been portrayed.........Back to Top

Obvious Thief

A cartoon style robber with mask, stripped jumper, tool / loot bag behaves suspiciously in direct view of members of the public. He even seeks their assistance in some sketches and offers very poor cover stories. Often, the obvious thief will hold a sign proclaiming that he is a thief and walk past policemen who seem oblivious to his existence......Back to Top

Mister Money

A close up reveals Joly is apparently holding a large amount of money in cash. He then walks past street performers and drops the cash into their collections much to their bemusement and casually walks away....Back to Top

Angry Food Seller

A character in chefs hat selling ice cream / fruit who acts incredibly strange when approached by a customer. The smashing of food-stuffs is to the fore as this insane character exhibits anti-socialy behaviour. In one sketch he is brandishing a hockey stick and wearing a hockey mask. He offers no response to the customer except for the tapping of his stick on the counter. ...........Back to Top

Tourist Info Man

With another Trafalgar Square based character Joly ,dressed in red attire and situated in an out of place kiosk, acts in a surreal fashion to unsuspecting tourists. On one occasion he completely disappeared from view when asked for directions. On another he pointed inanely into the distance. ..................Back to Top


Posing as a Beefeater in a sentry box, Joly starts to act unusually. Once he roared at a tourist that he was tired at people taking his photo before returning to his post. The beefeater character has also collapsed at the fit of tourists...........Back to Top

Car Parker

This character parks his car on double-yellow lines, under the direct gaze of a traffic warden. He then attempts to foil the traffic warden's duties by either covering the car with a camouflage net or cordoning the car off with radioactive warning signs.........Back to Top

Shop Security

An member of the public is looking at goods on a shelf in a supermarket. The PA system alerts security of a potential shoplifter and then describes the exact appearance of our innocent victim. Joly, posing as a security man, comes into view and shadows the persons movements with little discretion. Often the PA system will add more announcements confirming the persons belief that he /she is under suspicion.......Back to Top


Dom Joly takes the stage at a poetry forum brandishing his newly written work. The audience is amazed at the blandness and repetitiveness of his work. It involves counting from one upwards or saying the word "Blah, Blah" through a megaphone.......Back to Top

LetterBox Man

A delivery man comes to Joly's front door only to be informed that the occupant has been locked in (from the inside !!!!!!) . The complete conversation and transaction now takes place through the letter box. One scene involved Joly sampling some hot curry take-away which was followed by his trademark sreaming and the issuing os smoke through the letter-box.........Back to Top

Chelsea Pensioner

A bent, fragile, elderly Chelsea Pensioner is strugglind across a road / down some steps. He is quickly aided by a member of the public to his destination. At this point the pensioner raises his head, revealing the youthful Joly visage and strides off.........Back to Top


More costume animals have included some stalker mice, a posh tiger and a large rat which Joly asked some pest controllers to remove. Joly has also asked a bank clerk to cash some oversized presentation checks and a kitchen furniture salesman to provide him with breakfast. A prison gate official refused Joly admittance to give his so called brother an oversized "Get Out Of Jail Free" Monopoly card. Joly with camera in hand once asked a passer by to take his photo. He then proceeded to hand the gentleman a huge photograph of himself and told him to place it over his mantlepiece. Clad in protective clothing and holding a computer, Joly asked a technician to remove the computer's virus. A bin collector was astonished to find a Santa Claus Joly in a rubbish bin. A man advertising your name on a grain of rice was bemused when Joly reeled off his extraordinarily lengthy name. Joly performed the role of rubbish collector in reverse by dumping some litter on the ground and knocking over a bin, right in front of a member of the public. A temporary bus stop was removed by an official looking Joly, to the bewilderment of the waiting people. ............Back to Top