My Fanfiction Archive

Here is an archive of my favourite Fanfiction.

My Fanfiction

Archer. My first fanfic. It is a work in progress. It is rated NC-17 and contains Slash. You have been warned.
Like Sid an Johnny Said - I did it my way! PG- 15 or a 12 for implied torture. A short stand alone song fic. Spike gets even with Angel. Post Primevil.

Growing Up. My first series! The first two parts are posted here!

One Day At A Time. My 2nd Fic. Finished. Slash. Buffy and Willow. PG-13. Based upon the theme Coming out on the BuffylovesWillow mailing list.

Sequel to One Day At A Time.

Other authors fanfiction.

Demons and Angels. Written by good freind Jamie. Read it!