William the Bloody or

This is a small Biography for the vampire known as William the Bloody or "Spike"

Game Face

He is approximately 126 years old. He was sired by Angelus. He earnt the nickname Spike by torturing his victims with railroad Spikes.

History B.S. (Before Sunnydale)

William the Bloody has killed two Slayers since he was sired and at a guess about 20 lesser vampires. He fell madly in love with Angelus' other creation a female psychic vampiress called Druscilla. She was injured by an angry mob in Prague and seeking a cure Spike came to Sunnydale home of the Hellmouth and the longest lived Slayer in recorded history.

History since his arrival in Sunnydale

Spike arrived in Sunnydale in his classic 1969 Black DeSoto with a crash. Literally, he ran over the Welcome to Sunnydale sign. He tried to kill the Slayer but was beaten when the Slayer's mother hit him with an axe. He tried on two other occasions to kill the Slayer, failing both times. Spike called the order of Taraka out on Buffy but she with the help of Kendra (the second Slayer) defeated them. Spike found the cure and restored Druscilla's health. In the process an Organ was dropped on him. He was severely injured and forced to stay in a wheelchair until he recovered. He made an alliance with Buffy to kill Angelus and get Druscilla back. He escaped from Sunnydale an unconscious Dru in his arms. Due to the truce with Buffy Druscilla broke up with Spike, claiming that he wasn't demon enough for the likes of her. This left Spike with no real purpose for the first time in 60 years. It also turned him into a drunken wreck. Depressed he once again returned to Sunnydale and running over the sign once again. He kidnapped Willow and Xander to force Willow to do a love spell for him so he could get Druscilla back. He encountered Buffy and Angel and a troop of the mayors best Vampires. After this battle he decided that he didn't need a spell to get Druscilla back. All he needed was to be the man that he was. Spike left Sunnydale again singing the Sex Pistol's version of the Frank Sinatra classic "My Way".