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As you can probably tell this site is new.
As I add new things I will post it here.

June 1, 2000: I created a mailing list for The Novak site! To join just enter your email address in the box on the front page!! Come join us and let's gab about our favorite Popular characters!

May 30, 2000: If anyone out there knows how to make link banners and can give me a hand, I'd very much appreciate it! Email me at: Thanks!

May 18, 2000: It is official!! Popular has been renewed for a second season! Not only that but it has been slated for Friday nights at 9:00... which I think will be great for their ratings, not being up against Friends and all! So, I will be updating the site and adding all kinds of cool stuff! Keep checking back!!

March 31, 2000: Added to the Episode page. Renamed the site "The Novak", which as all of you Popular fans know is the name of their lovely bathroom/ meeting area. Some of the best Popular moments happen in there!! I am going to try to get the picture pages up as soon as I can. I know that's everyones favorite place to check out. Also...GREAT NEWS!!! According to Teen Magazine, Popular has been signed on for a second season. Yay!! Given the chance I trully believe this show can take off and become one of the most 'popular' shows on TV!

April 3, 2000: I just read on "The Popular Place" ( that the WB denied that Popular had officially been renewed. They said they don't predict it being cancelled, but it wont be official until mid- May. So, everyone call or write the WB!! And cross your fingers!

Just Take It!!:Please feel free to take any pictures or information that you may find on this site. If you could link to me, that would be great. The only exception is the front page wallpaper, If you want that you need to contact Ragdoll at (an amazing Goo Goo Doll site by the way.)

Credits!! I'd like to give credit where credit is due. I got a lot of my pictures so far from the WB site. If you would like to find out what episode is coming up next, that's the place to be! Also, the wallpaper on the front page came from ragdoll goo (! Thanks ragdoll! Thanks to The Popular Place for the info on being renewed.