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The Phantom Menace:
Premier~ Josh decides to try out for the school play, Carmen decides to try out for cheerleading, Brooke is trying to deal with all of the pressure she feels from being popular, and Sam does a journalism project about popoularity.

Mo' Menace, Mo' Problems:
Sam decides to cross the fence and try to become part of the "popular" crowd, which causes an uproar amongst her friends. Carmen is devistated that she didn't make the cheerleading squad. Josh is feeling pressured to drop the musical. Sam and Brooke find out that their parents are dating.

Under Siege:
Sams article on the cheerleading squad and popularity makes tensions flair at Kennedy High. Josh has to decide if he wants to do the musical, or play in the Homecoming football game. Sam and Brooke have to have dinner with their parents, who seem to be getting more serious about their dating.

Crazy Santa Ana winds blow through town.. causing everyone to get a bit more sensual. At play rehearsal Sam has to sit on Josh's lap... causing Josh to get a little "excited". Sam confides in Carmen, who accidentally emails the gossip to everyone in school. Making the tension between Sam and Brooke even worse. Brooke gets insecure about her relationship with Josh, and reveals to Nicole that her and Josh are still virgins. As always there is someone else in the Novak when the confession takes place and in a matter of minutes Mary Cherry is spreading the news around Kennedy High.

Slumber Party Massacre:
Carmen has a birthday slumber party. The Glamazons agree to go because Nicole wants to hit on Carmens hot older brother and Brooke wants to get some alone time with Josh. Nicole, Mary Cherry and Popita hypnotise Carmen and humiliate her. Harrison gets used and hurt by Brooke once again. Carmen finds out who her true friends are.

Truth or Consequences:
Just when you the thought tension couldn't get any higher... it does. Sam writes another article that causes trouble, this time about a bunch of the popular crowd cheating on a Biology exam. Sam and Brooke find out that their parents have been lying to them about the seriousness of their relationship. A huge food fight breaks out in the cafeteria when tempers explode.

Queen B:
The race for Homecoming queen. Brooke, Carmen, Popita and Mary Cherry face off to see who is going to get to wear the crown. Mary Cherry gets help from her mother, played by Delta Burke. Popita enlists the help of the minorities of Kennedy High. Sam is Carmens campaign manager, to help keep Brooke from winning as well as to help Carmen. Nicole, being banned from running herself, decides she is going to do everything in her power to get Brooke the crown.

Tonights the Night:
Let's talk about sex baby.... Lily decides to fight to distribute condoms on campus, she enslists Harrisons help. All this talk about sex inspires them to try it themselves on a 'just friends' basis. Brooke and Sam wage a bet to see who will lose their virginity first. Brooke wants to prove to Sam that her relationship with Josh isn't superficial. Sam tries to get it on with Carmens hunky older brother. Carmen and Sugar Daddy agree to meet after talking on line. The only one who ends up getting any in the end is Brooke and Josh. The aftermath? Josh loves Brooke more than ever... and Brooke decides she doesn't love Josh, and breaks up with him.

Wild, Wild Mess:
The school announces a "Principal for a Day" contest. Nicole and Mary Cherry, with the help of Sugar Daddy, kidnap Gwenyth Paltrows personal shopper in the hopes of her agreeing to come to Kennedy High. Sam and Lily nominate Harrisons mother, who turns out to be a lesbian. Harrison tries to work through his insecurities about everyone knowing about his mother. Meanwhile, Brooke thinks she might be pregnant.

Fall on Your Knees:
Nicole takes her bitch status to the maximum when the holidays approach. She gets taken on 'A Christmas Carol' type of dream, seeing the Christmas's of past, present and future. Afterwords she seems to have found the Christmas spirit. Meanwhile, Brooke and Sam have to try to share the holiday as their two families melt into one.

Ex, Lies, And Videotapes:
An Entertainment Tonight type program offers Sam and Brooke 10 minutes of airtime. They decide to do their segment on Josh, who is struggling with the musical, football and his parents. Josh's father forbids him to continue the play. He finally tells his father exactly what he feels about him, causing an emotional confrontation.

The Trial Emory Dick:
Emery, partly in fear of failing Biology and partly just fed up from the way he's being treated at Kennedy High, puts the 'popular' crowd on trial. If he wins they can no longer associate with each other on campus. A full fledged war ensues. Carmen is caught in the middle of her long time friends and her new popular friends. Carmen ultimately quits the cheerleading squad. Harrison and Emery's friendship is strained when it is revealed that Harrison was in the next bathroom stall while Josh and Sugar Daddy gave Emery a 'swirlie' in the toilet. Emery is hurt Harrison did nothing to stop it.

Hope in a Jar:
Insecurities run high when a Sadie Hawkins dance arrives. Brooke asks Harrison to the dance. Josh gets jealous and asks Sam. Everyone tries to be something they aren't. Nicole, Mary Cherry and Popita go on a crash diet competition. Whoever wins the most weight by the dance gets the hot new guy. Everyone loses in the end, and April Tuna gets the guy. A romance starts to blossom between Josh and Carmen.

Brooke, Nicole and Mary Cherry VS. Sam, Lily and Carmen. Things finally get to the point of violence. The girls decide they are going to kick some serious ass after school. Josh, Harrison and Sugar Daddy decide to lock them in the bathroom in the hopes they will work everything out. Meanwhile, the guys get into some trouble themselves with Bobbi Glass when they find out her dirty little secret.

An Officer and A Gentleman:
Lily overreacts when Josh, Harrison and Sugar Daddy comment on her new sexy look. Mary Cherry and Carmen get busted watching the guys shower. The school starts a sensitivity bootcamp. Nicole ends up joining the guys when it gets out that she has been tormenting a student. Eventually the entire cast ends up in the camp and actually starts to see the error of their ways.

All About Adam:
A new guy comes on the scene. He sets his sights on the Glamazons and proceeds to blackmail just about everyone to get on the squad. Everyone teams up to bring him down. Brooke enters a modeling contest. Carmen enters Sam in the same contest without Sam's consent. Sam wins. Causing even more friction between her and Brooke.

Lord of the Files:
Carmen starts getting insecure when Brooke starts acting like she wants Josh back. Harrison finds out that an old teacher thought he had musical talent. He does an open mike night at the local music store. He writes a song that is obviously about Carmen and Josh's relationship. Carmen is justifiably devistated. Meanwhile, there is a new Vice Principle that everyone goes ga ga over. Brooke tricks him into taking her to Harrisons singing debut to make Josh jealous.