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Cast Bios

Leslie Bibb

Plays: Kennedy High's favorite anorexic and confused...(am i nice? am i a bitch?) cheerleader...Brooke Mc'Queen
From: Nelson County, Virginia
Birthday: November 17, 1974
Also spotted in: Private Parts, This space between us, Young Unknowns, The Big easy and some brief TV appearances in shows such as Just Shoot Me and Home Improvement.
Hobbies: reading and bicycling...let's hope not at the same time!
Interesting Leslie facts: Her sister intered her in a modeling contest on the Oprah Winfrey show and guess what??? She won! That was the beginning of a fabulous career. She's got a dog named Jack. She's really a brunette. She's a size 2.

Carly Pope

Plays: Kennedy High's favorite whiney journalist...Sam McPherson.
From: Vancouver, British Columbia
Birthday: August 28, 1980
Also spotted in: Disturbing Bahavior, A Cooler Climate and some TV movies.
Hobbies: Dancing and Poetry.
Interesting Carly facts: Carly doesn't get the whole "celebrity thing". So, think twice before you run up to her begging for an autograph.

Tammy Lynn Michaels

Plays: the ultimate bitch(but we love her!!)... Nicole Julian
From: Lafayette, Indiana
Birthday: November 26
Also spotted in: As far as we know... just commercials. (Although with her talent I cannot understand why she hasn't taken Hollywood by storm earlier)
Hobbies: painting, poetry and hiking.
Interesting Tammy facts:

Christopher Gorham

Plays:as the absolutely adorable...Harrison
From: Fresno, California
Birthday: August 14
Also spotted in: A Life Less Ordinary and TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Party of Five.
Interesting Christopher facts: Married to Anel Lopez... who plays Popita on the show! They got married in January after her proposed to her on a bench outside of Tiffany's on Rodeo Dr., where he had made a picnic breakfast.. so they could have "Breakfast at Tiffany's" before going in and buying their wedding rings. All together now... awwwwww.

Tamara Mellow

Plays: the sexually confused, environmental activist...Lily Esposito
From: Orange County, California
Birthday: February 22
Also spotted in: She's all that, The Brady Bunch movie, and TV shows such as...Boy meets World and Zoe, Duncan, Jack, and Jane
Interesting Tamara facts:

Sara Rue

Plays: the oh so spunky... Carmen Farerra
From: Manhattan, New York
Birthday: January 26
Also spotted in: TV shows such as.. Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane and Roseanne
Interesting Sara facts:

Leslie Grossman

Plays: the freaking hilarious future serial killer... Mary Cherry
From: Santa Monica, California
Birthday: October 25
Also spotted in: Can't Hardly Wait, The Opposite of Sex
Interesting Leslie facts: She's engaged.

Bryce Johnson

Plays: Kennedy High's quarterback and drama member...Josh Ford
From: Reno, Nevada
Birthday: April 18
Also spotted in:
Interesting Bryce facts: Told the entire world that he slept with his landlord when he was on 'Change of Heart'.

Ron lester

Plays: the loveable...Sugar daddy Bernadino
From: Kennesaw, Georgia
Birthday: August 4
Also spotted in:Varsity Blues
Interesting Ron facts: