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Rating: The series will range from PG-13 to NC-17; the part: PG-13

Name: Charley


Disclaimer: I don’t own Dawson’s Creek, if I could take credit for “Stolen Kisses” Pacey and Joey scenes, I would but I hear that’s illegal. I’d like to graduate high school before getting arrested. Oh, also before I graduate, I would like to have legal ownership of Josh Jackson and Rodney Scott. I’ll have my people call your people.

Time Frame: Post “Stolen Kisses”

Summary: Pacey and Joey deal with their new found relationship and how to tell Dawson. And then, ultimately the aftermath of telling Dawson.

Author’s Note: If you couldn’t tell, the title’s a quote from ‘Stolen Kisses’, Dannie and I were obsessing over that scene, and I was inspired to write a fan fic with such a title. Also, be warned that Joey actually has a back bone in this fic.

Dedications: To Rinny, Dannie, and Heather for not murdering me when I announced my hiatus of Pacey and Joey fan fiction writing. What can I say? I lied. I find it impossible to stay away.

Pacey Witter lead Will Krudski into Doug’s bachelor pad. They dropped their bags as soon as they were in the door.

“And how was spring break?” Doug asked, walking out of the kitchen wearing an apron and stirring some mix in a bowl.

“Wonderful Dougie, and how was yours?” Pacey asked, plopping down on the couch.

“I didn’t have you around so, I would have to say great too.”

Pacey turned to Will, “He’s able to have his boyfriends over openly, instead of smuggling past me.”

Will just shook his head and laughed.

“Be careful there little brother, if you and your little friend there wanna continue staying here, well then your just going to have to be nicer,” Doug warned him.

“Not even your little warnings can have any effect on my good mood,” Pacey said, flipping the television on.

“I seem to have missed something here. Before you were moping around about Joey, and you return a happy man. What happened?” Doug asked, placing the bowl down.

“She kissed me.”


“I kissed her, we were interrupted. Then she came to talk to me, I said I couldn’t keep kissing her, and if I wasn’t the one going to keep taking the initiative. Then I went to walk away, she stopped me. We kissed,” Pacey explained.

“Good, because I still won’t sleep with her,” Will said.

“I know you won’t, in fact you happen to have your eyes on a former object of my affection,” Pacey said, turning to look at him.

“That obvious?”

Pacey shrugged, “Well, that and she mentioned you talking about your father issues. Figured that it must be serious.”

Will nodded.

“Krudski? McPhee’s special, hurt her and I might just have to kick your ass.”

“Got it, Witter,” Will said.


“I’ll tell him,” Joey Potter announced as she climbed aboard ‘True Love’.

Pacey looked up from where he was lounging. “Dawson?”

“No, Gahndi. Yeah, Dawson.”

She laid down next to him and turned on her side to look down at him.

“Let me tell him with you,” Pacey insisted.

She shook her head adamantly, “Uh-uh. If you’re there when I tell him, all it’s going to do is result in violence.”

“And when he verbally lashes out on you, then who’s going feel really bad for putting you in that position? Yeah, me. So please?” He asked.

“Pacey, promise me you won’t go and play white knight and show up magically when I go to tell Dawson.”

He nodded his head reluctantly. “Fine.”

“Good,” She said.

“Is that the only reason you came here?” He asked.

She smiled wickedly, “Well not the only.”


“Yeah. Will told me to tell you he’s going to be at Andie’s studying tonight,” She said.

He nodded and drew her near him before pulling her on top of him. He paused for a moment before drawing her face towards his and meeting for a kiss. ~-~-~-~-~

Joey paced outside the Leery’s house. What exactly was she suppose to tell him? Remember that hour where you announced that we should get back together? Well, a few hours later I decided to make out with our mutual friend. Yeah, that would go over well.

“Joe?” She heard a familiar voice call from behind her.

She turned around to face him, Dawson Leery. Life long friend, ex-boyfriend and alleged soul mate.

“Dawson, hey,” She said somewhat covering the nervousness in her voice.

“What are you doing out here?” He asked.

“I was actually contemplating going up there. Through the ladder.”

“And you had to think twice about this because?”

“Uh, because I kind of got something really important to tell you,” She said. She heard rustling behind Dawson. If that was Pacey, she was going to kill him...if Dawson didn’t. She tilted her head to get a better view and saw that it was Will. Inwardly she laughed, Pacey promised he wouldn’t come so he sent Will.

“Is anything wrong?” He asked, genuinely concerned.

“No in fact, I’m wonderful. But, uh, well...” He voice trailed off.

“You can tell me anything Joe,” He said.

“It’s just that I’m sorta seeing Pacey,” She said slowly.

“We all see Pacey, Joey, it’s that little thing called school,” He said with a nervous chuckle.

“In the romantic sense.”

“So that’s the reason you didn’t want to get back together,” He stated, his breath growing more rapid with every passing second.

“No it isn’t.”

“Why can’t we get back together!?”

She sighed, fearing what she already knew what was coming. They were going to lash out and say things they regret.

“Right, I forgot. Dawson’s finished playing and is now ready to take Joey out of the incubator. Sorry Dawson, I can’t do that again.”
“But you can with my best friend?” He asked, angrily.

She scoffed, getting just as angry as him, “This isn’t about him!”

“Then what is it about?”

“It’s about making the decision that will make me happy,” She told him in a gentle voice. Maybe she could make this a more civilized conversation.

“And I wouldn’t?”

“You really wanna know why we can’t be together?”

“Because you make me make these decision. These ultimatums. I didn’t go to France because I didn’t want to leave you. It was the safe choice. You know where that got me? Straight in the arms of another man. I know it was nothing we fully confronted. I wanted to find myself. But also, I wanted to explore my relationship with Jack. When he announced he was gay, I did the safe and comforting thing. I went back to you. Then we got back together. You know where that got us? You telling me to turn my father in or you would.”

“I thought we were over that!”
“I forgave you Dawson, but I can’t forget what you made me do. And when you came back from Philly, I offered myself in the most humiliating way and you know what? You turned me down. You told me to move on. I did. And now you’re throwing it back in my face?”

“I don’t mean to,” He said softly.

“Yes you do! You know what will get to me, and you’re using it to your advantage!”

“Now your avoiding the subject.”

“You want me to choose between a romantic relationship with Pacey and a friendship with you which would result in you pressuring to make it something more?”


“That’s no contest Dawson.”

“Offer Pacey my condolences when you tell him.”

She sighed, “I wasn’t talking about choosing you Dawson. My choice might not be the safest, but in the long run and in the short run, it’s the one that’s going to make me the happiest.”

She turned, grabbed Will and stormed off the lawn.

After walking for a few moments in silence. Joey spoke, “I am going to regret that, aren’t I?”

“Regret what?” He asked.

“Choosing so fast.”

“So you still haven’t made a decision?” Will asked.

“It’s an impasse.”

“But how do you feel?”

“Pacey asked me that same thing a few nights ago,” Joey said.

“It’s a good and valid question.”

“I wanna be with Pacey, I really do. But I don’t want to lose my friendship with Dawson,” She half-heartily explained to Will.

“Why?” He asked curiously.

She looked confused, “Why what?”

“Why don’t you want to lose your friendship with Dawson?”

“Because he’s been there for me and helped me through stuff and...” She stopped to think.

“Think through this past year. Only this year, how many times has been there for you?” Will asked.

She thought for a moment, “Once or twice.”

“And how many times has he helped you through stuff?”

“Uh, does asking Pacey to look after me count?”

“Technically that’s not him but I guess you could.”

“Then a maybe-ish one time,” She said.

“Watch your tense there Joe, see Dawson was there for you and he did help you through stuff. You’ve put your friendship with Dawson on a pedestal as high as the one you have for Dawson himself. There’s a part of you that’s not ready to let go of that childhood dream of ‘Dawson and Joey: Best Friends Forever’. You can only honor his wishes and respect your friendship with him so much before getting to the point of complete unhappiness. You cherish your friendship with Dawson enough to stay away but does he cherish your friendship enough to watch you move on with Pacey?” Will asked her.

She smiled slightly, “So that’s what happens when you’re away from Capeside.”

He gave her a perplexed look, “What’s that?”
“You get all wise. Jack’s wise, Jen’s wise, you’re wise and Andie has her moments,” Joey said thoughtfully.

He smiled, “Well ‘Sage’ is my middle name.”

She laughed, “Funny.”

“So stay stuck or move on, you gotta choose,” He said returning to serious mode.

“You know, I’ve been hearing that a lot lately.”

“One time it’s a rumor, two times it’s gossip, and three times it’s the truth. Is that how it goes?” Will asked.

She shrugged, “Sounds good to me.”


She looked at him quizzically for a moment, “Aren’t you suppose to be studying with Andie?”

He nodded, “Suppose to being the key word. We had a change of plans. It seems as if Jack was adamant on spending family time together. And she feels bad about him not coming this weekend so she decided to go.”

“And Pacey asked you to make sure Dawson didn’t hurt my feelings,” She stated.

Will laughed, “Yeah. You mad?”

“Normally I would be. But I’m glad to have someone not involved to talk to, so he’s forgiven.”

“Good. I’d hate to deal with a moping Pacey.”

“Besides, Dawson’s never been the most tactful one when he gets his heartbroken,” Joey said with a shrug.

Will nodded, “I noticed.”

“As much as I hate to cut this conversation short, but this is my turn. Tell Pacey I’m all right,” Joey said.

“Will do. See ya Joe,” Will said as she turned.


Pacey sat up in the couch as soon as he heard the door open and close.

“She’s all right,” Will said, sitting next to Pacey.

“Good. So what went down?” Pacey asked.

“She choose you,” He paused before adding, “For now.”

“For now?”

“She’s confused Pacey. She wants to be with you but she doesn’t want to lose his friendship. Keyword there, friendship,” Will explained.

“Is she going to kill me since I sent you?” Pacey asked.

“She said you’re forgiven.”

“That’s good.”

“Well, I’ve witnessed enough emotional drama tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Will said, getting up.

“Night Will.”

To Be Continued...