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The Couple Theory-

Only works in theory- (D/Jo, P/A romance)

Every girl wishes to fall in love with their best guy friend or the guy that wants to save you. But face it only these kind of romances work in theory. Dawson and Joey made amazing friends, but as soon as they got together their friendship was shot and it ruined their relationship. Look at the statistics, Kevin and Winnie didn't work out, neither did Xander and Willow. Why do most people want Max and Liz together instead of her with Alex? As for the Pacey and Andie romance, it was a relationship based on change and lies. She tried to change him, not only his grades but who he was. Look what happened, groups began forming for bring the old Pacey back. Seeing as the relationship was built on their own selfishness, it was a matter of time before one of them screwed up. There are too many examples of failed relationship to list.

To alike to like(p/je)-

Let's face it, Pacey and Jen are the male/female version of eachother. What kind of relationship is that? The best part of a relationship is learning about new things and doing new things. How can you do that when the person you're dating has been through almost exactly same things, it's nothing new or exciting. How many relationships can last when they're like that?

The releastic romance(p/jo)-

Some consequences may come due to this romance but if Dawson can be forgiven for skanking around with a hoe-bag and Andie for cheating, then they owe it to them to forgive them. Couples like Pacey and Joey thrive, want examples? I got them. Shakespeare's "Taming of The Shrew", also "Ten Things I Hate About You"(a modern take on TOTS), Cluelesses Josh and Cher, Excess Baggage's Emily and Vincent. You need someone that is an equal but not the same as you, that's what makes a relationship great.