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I Hate the Head (a Pacey and Joey Lovefest)
As you can tell from the title, this isn't a place for Dawson fans. If you have a good sense of humor and you like Pacey and Joey, head on over. Sorry, I couldn't resist :) It's a great site.
Save True Love
Letter's From the Creek: A Pacey and Joey Site
Ashley's Pacey/Joey Site
Pacey and Joey Lovers Shrine
Pacey & Joey Heaven & Mia's Joey4Pacey Page


Never Thought I'd Be Here: Fan Fiction by Laura Smith
Pilar's Fan Fiction


Josh Central
Josh Jackson Net
The Joshua Jackson Shrine


Katie Holmes Pictures
Great site. News, Updates, Pictures (of course) and everything else Katie-related.


Dawson's Creek Daily
Good site. News and Spoilers. Updated pretty often.
Television Without Pity
If you want to laugh harder than you ever have, go check out some of the Dawson's Creek Recaps (they also have many other shows). TWoP recaps every single episode--adding everything you're thinking as you watch it, only said funnier. There is also a great message board where you can talk to other fans.
Official Dawson's Site:

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