Pacey and Joey Fan Fiction

My Fan Fiction:

- The First Thanksgiving: What happens when Jack and Jen try to do some matchmaking over the Thanksgiving weekend?
The First Thanksgiving 1/?
The First Thanksgiving 2/?
The First Thanksgiving 3/?
The First Thanksgiving 4/?

- Barely Breathing: A prequel to "Familiar Faces". Pacey and Joey struggle to understand their less than healthy relationship.
Barely Breathing 1/9
Barely Breathing 2/9
Barely Breathing 3/9
Barely Breathing 4/9
Barely Breathing 5/9
Barely Breathing 6/9
Barely Breathing 7/9
Barely Breathing 8/9
Barely Breathing 9/9

- Familiar Faces: When Joey Potter runs into a face from her troubled past, will she be able to forgive and forget?
Familiar Faces (Parts 1-9)

- Listening to the Waves: What is Joey thinking aboard True Love? And are Pacey and Joey doing what everyone thinks they're doing?
Listening to the Waves 1/1

- Shine: Should you be with someone when you love them, but you know that the timing isn't right?
Shine 1/1

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