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Episode #100 -- "Pilot":

Memorable Moment: During the filming of Dawson's movie, actors Joey and Pacey have a slight dispute.

"Joey: He did it again--he grabbed my ass.
Pacey: Oh, like you even have one.
Dawson: Guys, we are way behind schedule, all right? We've got 2 weeks. I'm not going to make the festival.
Pacey: Hey, it's Meryl Streep's fault, ok? I'm doing the best i can.
Joey: Bite me."

Episode #101 -- "Dirty Dancing":

Memorable Moment: Joey can't even bring herself to kiss Pacey while filming Dawson's movie. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

"Joey: Sorry, Dawson but he is just too repelling.
Dawson: Joey, you're going to have to kiss him.
Joey: I cannot and will not kiss that cretin.
Dawson: Do it for me?
Joey: I don't want to regurgitate on camera. Why don't you kiss him?"

Episode #107 -- "Boyfriend"/"Escape From New York":

Memorable Moment: Pacey convinces Joey to attend a party with him and once they're there, Joey gets drunk and leaves with a gross guy. Pacey comes to her rescue and when the guy won't let Joey leave, Pacey punches him. Dawson walks in at the last moment and Drunk Joey thinks that Dawson was the one who saved her, proclaiming "My hero".

Episode #110 -- "Double Date"/"Modern Romance":

Summary: To their mutual displeasure, Pacey is forced to spend remedial marine biology time with Joey, but a their project wears on, Pacey's attitude toward his lab partner takes an unexpected turn.
Memorable Moment: Where do I start? The chemistry? The banter? The KISS?

Joey: Let me get this straight, you tried to create some sort of a snail menage a trois?
Pacey: Well it sounds stupid when you say it out loud...

Pacey: We'll get some dry clothes when we get to your house. For right now though, change into this.
Joey: A blanket? You want me to change into that?
Pacey: Yeah, take off your wet clothes and wrap yourself in this blanket, just like I'm going to do.
Joey: Wait a minute. You want me to get naked?
Pacey: Please, this is not for my enjoyment--it's so you don't get sick. But if you have your heart set on pneumonia, feel free.
Joey: Fine.
Pacey: No peeking.
Joey: Oh yeah. The idea of seeing you in your birthday suit is really my idea of a thrill.
Pacey: A lot of people would consider you a very lucky woman.
Joey: Many people would consider you a very deluded man.
Pacey: Okay. All set over here. How you doin'?
Joey: You take one more step in this direction and I can almost gurantee you a permanent disability.

Joey: What?
Pacey: Nothin'.
Joey: What? What's that smile of yours? Is it because I look ridiculous?
Pacey: No.
Joey: Or is it that my misfortune amuses you? Or maybe it's because you like putting me in the most awkward situations and watching me squirm, Pacey?
Pacey: No, it's nothing like that. I was just thinking to myself that when you loosen up you're not half bad to be around... bordering on fun even.
Joey: Home, Jeeves.
Pacey: Yes, Miss Daisy.

Joey: ... A scholarship is pretty much my only way out of Capeside. And if I don't get out of here, Pacey... Well, I'll be a sadder story then I care to imagine.
Pacey: I wouldn't worry, Jo. You're going to make it outta here. You're going to go to some great school and send me postcards back here. Where I'll be tending bars or pumping gas.
Joey: Come on, Pacey. You'll get out too.
Pacey: Yeah, if the circus is hiring. I'll tell you what, though... I wouldn't bet against that Potter girl.

Pacey: How's tonight going for you?
Dawson: Put it this way... terribly. You?
Pacey: Not so bad, actually. And that's what I'm here to ask you about. I gotta ask your permission for something.
Dawson: Permission?
Pacey: Yeah. You know that Joey and I have never particularly liked each other. Right? That's why it seemed like such a bad idea when we got stuck together on that marine biology thing. Funny thing is... it wasn't. And somehow... somewhere not only did I stop disliking her... but I started liking her.
Dawson: As a friend.
Pacey: At first.
Dawson: Okay 'at first' implies that your feelings for Joey are somewhat beyond the friendship stage.
Pacey: That's good, because thats exactly what I meant to imply.
Dawson: You have the hots for Joey? Pacey what have you been inhaling too many lab chemicals? You and Joey are mortal enemies.
Pacey: Hey would you mind keeping your voice down? This isn't exactly public knowledge at this point.
Dawson: You're serious?!
Pacey: Yeah!
Dawson: Okay. So you like Joey. What do you need my permission for?
Pacey: I don't know how to say this. I know you two have this long tortured subtext together. I just wanted to make sure that if I were to do something about this like kiss her or whatever that I wouldn't be stepping on any toes.

Pacey: Well, am I going to have to fail another mid-term or can we do this again sometime?
Joey: We still have a report to write and I'm pretty sure we're going to be spending a lot of time together.
Pacey: Actually, that's not what I was talking about, Joey.
Joey: Then what did you mean?
Pacey: Well, let me put it to you this way...
[He kisses her. She pulls away.]
Joey: Pacey! What the hell was that for?
Pacey: If I have to explain myself, then it clearly didn't have the desired effect.
Joey: Why in the world would... well I guess I know why you would... why would you?
Pacey: I had a nice time today. A nice time that exceeded my wildest expectations. I was confused, and surprised... and attracted. You?
Joey: Well... confused and surprised.
Pacey: But not... it's okay. I can deal with rejection pretty effortlessly. So long as we don't extend this really awkward moment any longer than we have to.
Joey: Goodnight, Pacey. I had a nice time too today.
Pacey: Jo?
Joey: Yeah?
Pacey: By some slim chance you would have kissed me back? You would have probably been thinking about someone else, right?

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