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Media contacts for the April 15 protest rally

From Shully: An official press release about the LA protest has gone out to the following entertainment shows and affiliates. This press release was sent out by O&A's PR firm to the newsdesks of all of the listed shows/affiliates. They said if I wrote it the would send it on their letterhead, from their fax, to give it more credibility. Let's hope it gets picked up.

Please take a moment out of the weekend to email the following asking them to tell their viewers about the protest, it may help get more people to particiate... power in numbers. Thanks!

The Today Show: today@nbc.com
Jay Leno: TheTonightShow@nbc.com
Access Hollywood: http://communities.msn.com/AccessHollywood/showfeedback.msnw http://communities.msn.com/AccessHollywood/showfeedback.msnw
Entertainment Tonight: et@pde.paramount.com
Extra: http://extratv.warnerbros.com/contact/index.html
Good Day Live: talk@gooddaylive.com, steve@gooddaylive.com, dorothy@gooddaylive.com, jillian@gooddaylive.com
E!: http://www.eonline.com/Help/index.html
Live with Regis and Kelly (can't find email or contact page)
KCAL: news@kcal9.com
KCBS: http://cbs2.com/feedback/ (choose news tips)
KCOP: http://www.upn13.com/home/contact_us/news.html
KNBC: story@nbc4.tv
KTLA: http://ktla.trb.com/news/local/eveningnews/ktla-pmnews-email.htmlstory
KTLA Morning News: http://ktla.trb.com/news/local/morningnews/ktla-amnews-email.htmlstory
KTTV: newsdesk@fox11la.com
Good Day L.A.: talkback@fox11la.com


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