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Season 3

compiled by Debbie Marshall and others

Once and Again stars ...

Sela Ward as Lily Manning
Billy Campbell as Rick Sammler
Julia Whelan as Grace Manning
Shane West as Eli Sammler
Meredith Deane as Zoe Manning
Evan Rachel Wood as Jessie Sammler
Susanna Thompson as Karen Sammler
Jeffrey Nordling as Jake Manning
Marin Hinkle as Judy
Steven Weber as Sam Blue
Ever Carradine as Tiffany Porter


Episode #1: "Busted" originally aired 9/28/01.

Episode #2: "The Awful Truth" originally aired 10/5/01.

Episode #3: "Kind of Blue" originally aired 10/12/01.

Episode #4: "Acting Out" originally aired 10/19/01.

Episode #5: "Destiny Turns on the Radio" originally aired 11/2/01

Episode #6: "Jake and the Women" originally aired 11/9/01

Episode #7: "Chaos Theory" originally aired 11/23/01

Episode #8: "The Sex Show" originally aired 11/30/01

Episode #9: "Tough Love" originally aired 12/7/01

Episode #10: "Pictures" originally aired 12/14/01

Episode #11: "Taking Sides" originally aired 1/4/02

Episode #12: "Gardenia" originally aired 1/11/02

Episode #13: "Falling in Place" originally aired 3/4/02

Episode #14: "The Gay-Straight Alliance" originally aired 3/11/02

Episode #15: "One Step (Parent) Backward" originally aired 3/18/02

Episode #16: "Aaron's List of Dreams" originally aired 3/25/02

Episode #17: "Experience is the Teacher" originally aired 4/1/02

Episode #18: "Losing You" originally aired 4/8/02

Episode #19: "Chance of a Lifetime" originally aired 4/15/02

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