Intimate Conversation from the First Half of the Season

Listen in on two people who are near and dear to our hearts... The words are entirely their own...

L -- What will we do with each other for a whole evening?

R -- If you want, I can kinda rent the helicopter and just hover overhead..

L -- That's the medication talking. Why is performance so important to you?

R -- Let me check the divorce manual on that...

L -- You have to kiss me first.

R -- God, your mouth! Oh God, this is good..

L -- You don't have to move...

R -- Thank God!

L -- Who made you so handsome.....

R -- I guess I've only just started to ask that question.

L -- I swore I wouldn't do this..

R -- Weren't you watching? You got scared..

L -- You think maybe we've been too fast about this?

R -- Why are you so soft?

L -- It's just a little girl moment..

R -- Then what SHOULD I do?

L -- Do you make service calls?

R -- C'mon, Lily!

L -- I feel really horrible right now. Tell me a Jessie story..

R -- "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.."

L -- You have a really nice voice.

R -- Have I told you my librarian fantasy?

L -- Were you bad? I bet you were bad...

R -- I have instruments attached to you that measure that sort of thing..

L -- You knew this was gonna happen..

R -- I'm a really weird person!

L -- Do you know the word "besotted"?

R -- It means you couldn't wait... Kiss your boyfriend..

L -- I can't afford this mess!

R -- I don't have any expectations.......

L -- You know what? -- No, this is ridiculous... we'll do that!

R -- You are so beautiful!

L -- Why does that make you pull away?

R -- We'd have to think really hard about that...

L -- Are you displeased?

R -- Be quiet.. I want you so badly... Right here, right now!

L -- I know that. I do...

R -- I like your...I like your body..

L -- Aren't you gonna ask me what I'm wearing?

R -- What are you wearing, by the way? No cats?

L -- No cats!

R -- How badly did they torture you? What did they do with the pistol?

L -- That's the most decadent thing I've ever done........

R -- You're amazing!

L -- Really? You're commanding... You're adorable..

R -- I'm not like this most of the time..

L -- Is it bad that I'm leaving?

R -- I am SO happy..

L -- Nothing else matters!

R -- Man is never more than 15 minutes from failing in his soul...

L -- Hello! I have to pee so bad... I always have to pee, that's something you should know about me

R -- OK, I'll try to get used to that..

L -- I can't even believe I'm having this conversation!!



Intimate Conversation from the Second Half of the Season

L -- I'm so glad that you came over, I love that you did that!

R -- How are your synopses?

L -- Have you been drinking?

R -- Sorry, you make me feel like the IRS.........

L -- Go figure.

R -- ........which may be the corniest thing I've ever said to anybody.

L -- Let's just go upstairs...

R -- No no no, Lily, it's ok... I mean it.

L -- People postpone things and they shouldn't.

R -- Something went through my mind...

L -- That's good!

R -- What I mean is, you don't have to try so hard.

L -- What, you don't want to kiss me?

R -- Ah-CHOO! I'll be fine...

L -- You're not sick, you faker.

R -- That's what's in my head...

L -- We need to BE with each other. That's what we need right now.

R -- Do you want milk and cookies, too?

L -- A very radical idea, Rick Sammler.

R -- Have we been fighting? I can't remember.

L -- No, shhhh, I'm an idiot...

R -- I'm not mad, I just thought we were gonna have a nice dinner.

L -- You can eat two-day-old macaroni and cheese in the fridge...

R -- Why, thank you.

L -- I actually thought you wouldn't want any more surprises from me.

R -- You're right, it is eating me up inside and I don't know what to do about it.

L -- You want to go home?

R -- Probably. At some point.

L -- What do you want to say?

R -- This dog loves you...

L -- Is it alive?

R -- He's an excellent watchdog...

L -- Rick, let's do this...

R -- You okay?

L -- A woman's work is never done...

R -- Wait a second, slow down...

L -- God, you are so hot!

R -- I can't let you go...

L -- That's very sweet...

R -- You look like you could use some help...

L -- That feels so good...

R -- Oh me, I'm the best...

L -- I love you...

R -- I love you very much, and I can't live without you!

L -- Thank God!

R -- Hey, I happen to know a Rabbi!

L -- Fine, we'll keep it simple...

R -- What?

L -- Nothing...

R -- I just didn't want you to think I was a crybaby...

L -- Rick, do you believe in signs?

R -- It's confusing...

L -- I was adopted!

R -- One door closes and another one...