Once and Again...Once Again

Once and Again SOS Email Derby


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I, .....insert your name here....., do solemly swear to follow through on my pledge to 'Save Our Show'. I promise that I will not fudge my points or report bogus contacts. And I will never give up the fight. I Am Relentless! Long Live Once & Again!!


1 point for each email you send.
5 points for every response to your emails.
25 points for every time you are quoted.
100 points if you get your name and any cast member's name mentioned in the same sentence. (I'll need proof though )


Top Team: an all expense paid trip to Evanston/Deerfield/Wilmette to meet the Mannings & the Sammlers*

Top Emailer: a luxury cruise with the cast member of your choice to anywhere in the world*

* prizes subject to change without notice. Winners will be asked to answer a timed, skill-testing question.


Monday thru Friday - 3 emails each weekday. Each evening I'll post one link for each group. There you'll find a list of all the contacts that you will need for the day's emails. If you find any links that aren't working, or are incorrect, please let me know ASAP.

An Idea for Saturdays - Poster's Choice. Leave one message at any website, message board or chatroom devoted to an issue that was addressed on O&A such as anorexia, divorce, drugs, teens, mental health, menopause, career change, death. Invite everyone to tune into the show and tell them about our message board.

An Idea for Sundays - Get one more paperback book ready to be mailed to Susan Lyne. And take the rest of the day off. You deserve it!!