The Nanny Times

A collection of interviews and articles pertaining to people involved with The Nanny.
Some are recent and some occurred before The Nanny became even
a niggle of an idea in Fran Drescher's brain.

I'll add to the list when I can.    Enjoy!

    1. Daniel Davis
      An American Shakespearean Part I (03/1988)
      An American Shakespearean Part II (03/1988)
      The Wiles of Niles (12/1996)

    2. Fran Drescher
      The Nanny's Off-Duty Workout (03/1995)
      A Quiet Hell (Rosie 05/2001)

    3. Ann Guilbert
      So THIS is Who Ann Morgan Guilbert is (12/1965)
      Ask Ann Guilbert (Winter 2000)

    4. Nicholle Tom
      Walk on the wild side (11/1996)

    5. Lauren Lane
      Lifestyles of the tiny and famous (11/1998)
      CC turns up the heat (05/1998)

    6. Charles Shaughnessy
      The Max Factor
      Prince of Prime-Time (06/1991)

    7. Brenda Cooper (The Nanny costume designer)(09/1995)
      In fine style

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