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Status of Rooms

Rooms Dusted
Vestibule (M/F) 07/04/01
Foyer (N/CC) 07/03/01
Living Room (Guests) 07/05/01
Piano Area (Wavs) 04/30/01
Butler's Pantry (VIPs) 07/10/01
Dining Room (Cast) 07/03/01
Library (Scripts) 07/06/01
Terrace (Fanfic,etc...) 07/07/01
Kitchen (Press) 07/10/01
Breakfast Nook (Renee) 07/23/01
Wine Cellar (TN Stuff) 07/10/01
Back Porch (Rachel) 07/12/01
Max's Bedroom (Charles) 07/12/01
Fran's Bedroom (Fran) 07/24/01
Niles' Bedroom (Daniel) 07/28/01
CC's Office (Lauren) 07/19/01
Guest Room (Ann) 04/13/01
Brighton's Room (Benjamin) 04/14/01
Gracie's Room (Madeline) 04/14/01
Maggie's Room (Nicholle) 04/13/01