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Buffy's pretty busy keeping demons under control, but she still has time for friends and family, not to mention Angel. Buffy has dealt with two slayers, Kendra and Faith. Drusilla killed Kendra, and Faith is working for the bad guy. Emmy Award-winning actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is a veteran of
television, theatre and the big screen, having worked for nearly 15 of her young 20 years. In addition to starring in The WB's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Gellar will conquer the big screen this year in two highly anticipated feature films written by Kevin Williamson ("Dawson's Creek") - "Scream 2," the sequel to last year's blockbuster hit, and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" co-starring Jennifer Love Hewitt ("Party Of Five"). Starring in the title role of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer,"
Gellar plays a somewhat reluctant hero who fights off vampires at night while juggling the traumas of high school during the day. Fighting evil creatures requires adeptness in the martial arts, a
challenge which Gellar has been devoted to since before landing the role. Having studied the Korean art of Tae kwon Do for four years and earning a brown belt, Gellar spends her free time both on and off the set continuing her training with the series stunt coordinator. No stranger to television, the
versatile actress won an Emmy Award in 1994 for her memorable role as Kendall Hart, the devious secret daughter of Erica Kane (Susan Lucci), on the daytime drama "All My Children." She played a younger Jackie Kennedy in the critically acclaimed mini-series "A Woman Named Jackie," and starred with Valerie Harper and Jeff Daniels in the television movie "An Invasion of Privacy." She was also a regular on the Syndicated show "Girl Talk." Gellar's feature film credits include the
Warner Bros. movie "Funny Farm," "Over the Brooklyn Bridge" and "High Stakes." She also
performed in New York stage productions of "The Widow Claire" opposite Matthew Broderick at Circle in the Square, and "Jake's Women" at the Old Globe Theatre. A Manhattan native, Gellar currently resides in Los Angeles.



Xander started out as the class clown, but now is friends with Buffy, Willow, Cordelia (kinda), Angel (that's another kinda), and Oz. Xander's turned into a pretty cool character, and when they have to fight demons, he brings the donuts! Xander Harris on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Newcomer
Nicholas Brendon, who portrays the sardonic Xander with sensitivity and humour, already has an impressive list of credits in television, film and theatre. With his aspirations of playing professional baseball quashed when an arm injury cut his sports career short, he turned to the acting game for a new challenge. Soon after, he made his television debut in a Clearasil commercial. Yet, as roles were few and far between, he persevered in entertainment and switched to the other side of the camera, working as a television production assistant on "Dave's World." When he nailed an audition for a guest-starring role on the series, Brendon gained the confidence he needed and continued to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. Fate soon smiled upon him and he was called in to audition for the role in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." In television, he had a recurring role on the daytime soap opera "The Young and the Restless," and starred in the pilot "Secret Lives." He played an evil corn
follower in the feature film "Children of the Corn III-Urban Harvest," and starred in Los Angeles theatre productions of "The Further Adventures of Tom Sawyer" at Theatre West, "My Own
Private Hollywood" at The Black Hole Theatre and "Out of Gas on Lovers' Leap" at the Pasadena Playhouse. Off screen, the Los Angeles native enjoys basketball, camping and spending quality time with friends and family, including his identical twin brother, Kelly, with whom he shares a home.

Willow started out as a shy girl with only a couple of friends. But after she becomes friends with Buffy, you can see she can take charge when she needs to. At the moment she's going out with Oz, though she and Xander had something going for awhile. Willow also now practices Wicca, which I think is really rad. She now does spells for the gang whenever they need her to. Willow Rosenberg on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" In "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Alyson Hannigan plays a shy wallflower who becomes Buffy's friend and confidante. In real life, Hannigan is a veteran actress who has been performing since the age of four. During the series' hiatus, she filmed the Paramount/MTV Films
feature "Dead Man on Campus," starring Tom Everett Scott. She began her career in Atlanta doing commercials, working steadily in national spots for companies like McDonald's, Six Flags
Amusement Parks and Oreo cookies. When Hannigan was 11, she moved to Los Angeles in hopes of breaking into film and television. Her breakthrough role came when she was cast as Dan Aykroyd's misunderstood daughter in the feature film "My Stepmother Is an Alien." She went on to guest star on a number of popular television shows, including "Picket Fences," "Roseanne" and "Touched by an Angel." She was a recurring guest star on the series "Almost Home" and a series regular on "Free Sprit." In her free time, the Washington, D.C. native and Dr. Seuss fan likes to surf the web, practice kick-boxing and spend time with her dogs and cats. She currently resides in Los Angeles.



Oz plays the guitar in a band. His current girlfriend is Willow. They were kinda on/off for awhile because Oz and Cordy caught Willow and Xander making out. (naughty, naughty, naughty!) Oz, among other things is also a werewolf. A veteran of film and stage, Seth Green has been acting professionally since age six. By the time he was twelve, he had a leading role in the Woody Allen's feature film "Radio Days." Since then he has starred in numerous television and film projects, including "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery", "the X-Files", and "Stephen King's It." Green began his role as Oz on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in 1997. Joss Whedon, the show's creator told green, "Oz would have the same reaction to spray cheese as to true love," says Green. "Oz is unflappable and I love being the guitar player on TV, I'm living out my rock and roll fantasy." Four episodes turned into five, then eight, and now it's endless. "The show is so fun and quirky but there's a lot of heart to it, that's what's so appealing," describes Green. "It's smart, scary, and funny." As for playing a werewolf Green says, "They take their monsters pretty seriously without the show taking itself too seriously." And the transformation? "It takes a lot of time and it's really difficult to stand still," says Green. "It starts at 11:30am until 4:30pm They have to hand lay all of the hair on me, but the make-up artists there are so great, so sweet and considerate. They make it as painless as possible and the end result is worth the effect." What does Green do when he's not starring in films and on television? "I read a ton of magazines, I play pool, I love to see any movie that's out, good or bad. The one bad thing about working," laments Green, "you can't watch all the movies."