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You like music? I do too. The reason that this isn't an Mp3 page is because my computer won't play Mp3s and I'm too lazy to go download a player. These just happen to be some of my favorite songs, so enjoy!

Koi Da! PANIC!! (It's Love! PANIC!!) [from Ranma 1/2]

When You Believe[Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey]

Tuxedo Kamen's Piano Theme [from Sailor Moon]

All The Small Things [Blink 182]

Born to Make You Happy [Britney Spears]

Locke Theme [Final Fantasy 3]

Hotel California [The Eagles]

Get Down [Backstreet Boys]

Moon Eternal, Make-up! [from Sailor Moon: Sailorstars]

A Town By the Sea [from Kiki's Delivery Service]

Moonlight Densetsu (the Sailor Moon Theme) [from Sailor Moon]

Magical Project S Opening [from Magical Project S]

Magical Girl: Pretty Sammy Opening. [from Magical Girl: Pretty Sammy]

Ranma 1/2 Opening [from Ranma 1/2]

The Japaneese Digimon theme song [from Digimon]

Take a Look Around (The Mission Impossible 2 theme) [Limp Bizkit]

The Animal Song [Savage Garden]

Break Me, Shake Me [Savage Garden]

Oops! I Did it Again! [Britney Spears]

Crash & Burn [Savage Garden]

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