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. : : Friends : : .

Anna N: One word to describe Anna: Kind. Her website is overflowing with links to websites that help children in need, as well as some sections of her own just for that. But she also likes to have fun (Just like me!)! She has awards, contests, and links to great websites (namely mine! =^_^=)! She has a cute little doggie named Annie. Anna's screenname is "Mysterious Misty".

Sarah S: The Cat girl. She has a lot of 'em! Pudden, Missy, Lily, Cotton, Cali, Baby, Pumpkin, and...ummm...and some I can't remember...Back to Sarah. She's a complete Anime freak just like I am, and she likes to call me Mismis. (That's why I made up the screenname "Pretty Mismis"). Sarah's screenname is "Sailor Stardust".

Jaclyn M: Jaclyn likes to talk (But that is not a bad thing!). Jaclyn has a dog, I think his name is Hobie. She really likes animals, too. Her screenname is "Howdy".

Grace H: Last, but definitely not least, is Grace. The horse lover! I'd gladly say she's an Anime freak, but ashe hasn't seen any anime besides Sailor Moon, so she's a Sailor Moon Freak! (SAILOR MOON RULES!!) Grace has a big black dog named Shadow. Grace would probably kill anyone who hates Horses, N*Sync, and Tuxedo Mask (from Sailor Moon). I think, I don't know, her screenname is Shadow.

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