Reprinted with permission of Mykle's mom Mrs. Vivian Mariette.

The following is the Graveside Eulogy given 10 a.m. Wednesday, August 23, 2000
at Sharon Memorial Park. by Sally Nehrenberg.

                    For Mykle’s Family

          My name is Sally Nehrenberg and I am a friend of Mykle.



          Mrs. Mariette, Paul, Rich and Jan,


          Before I begin reading to you my story, please let me take a moment to tell you that mine is only ONE story. As you look around you this morning at all these nice people gathered here to honor Mykle and to pay their respects to their friend.... I want you to know that EVERY ONE OF THESE FOLKS HAS A STORY ABOUT MYKLE. If there is any one thing that I can say to you today to comfort you it is this:

          Mykle had something that most of us can only DREAM about… Mykle had many, many friends. ALL of us have a story about Mykle and All OF US LOVED HIM.


                              For Mykle

       August 21,2000



       My life has been wonderfully and magically entwined with Mykle’s since 1970 when I met him at my best friend's house one evening. My best friend is Denise Elsner and Mykle was close friends with Denise's brother, Charlie Elsner. Mykle was giving one of his world -famous film-showings in the Elsner's living room that evening - and there sat Mykle, Charlie Elsner, and the tallest, skinniest boy I'd ever seen in my life - who in 1979 became my husband, James Nehrenburg. Some of you know him as Shorty.


       Years later after this evening at the Elsners, I was coming down some stairs at the apartment where I lived when I tripped and fell down those stairs and landed at the feet of that same tall, skinny boy that I'd seen at Mykle’s film showing at the Elsners just as Shorty opened his apartment door I landed at his feet. Inside Shorty's apartment, Mykle was giving yet another of his world-famous film-showings! The rest is history and Mykle eventually forgave me for stealing so much of his best friend's time. 'And I also like to think that Mykle kinda enjoyed the part that he and his film-showings played in launching our romance 21 years ago.


       Mykle was a part of our lives and a part of our family. He is the one we trusted and called when we needed someone to watch over our house and our dog when we went cut of town. All he ever asked of us was that we leave him a supply of tofu and veggie burgers in the fridge, and he was happy to help us out. He made some very memorable vacations possible for us - and we have always appreciated his kindness in this respect. And just as Mykle had to forgive ME for stealing the time of his best friend, I in turn had to forgive MYKLE for stealing my dog - because when ever Mykle was at our house, she left NO DOUBT as to whom she loved MORE. Just the mention of Mykle's name brought her running to the front door, nose pressed against the glass in eager anticipation of Mykle’s arrival. It will be with a lot of love that we give our donation to the Humane Society in honor of Mykle.


       Mykle was a good friend. He was an honorary member of a group of guys who gathered every Thursday night at Ken Knight's house to play guitars and make a little music. 3 weeks ago Mykle gathered this group of good friends together to help pave the way for their understanding and acceptance of his illness. Mykle understood that some folks might be uncomfortable with a friend having a serious illness and more than anything he wanted KEN KNIGHT, TIM TATUM, ROBERT DULIN and SHORTY to remain a part of his life and a part of his recovery. He loved them all like brothers. I know that sounds cliché, but it was true. From time to time they all fought like brothers fight, and it was of the utmost importance to Mykle that everyone know in their hearts that any silliness that had come between them in years past was not important - that just as brothers fight, brothers forgive each other. As Mykle was preparing to face the biggest battle of his life, he gave all of us absolution - a mighty generous gift, I'd say.


       Mykle loved his family. When Shorty and I were with him at the hospital Sunday night, it was hard for us to get him to shut up! (have any of you ever had that experience with Mykle?? Hard to get him to stop talking?!) But, Mykle had some things to say to us that were important to him. HE SPOKE ABOUT HIS FAMILY MOST OF THE TIME WE WERE THERE. He talked about what great brothers Paul and Rich are - and of how lucky he was to have such brothers. After I fed him his dinner, he became teary-eyed and told me that I reminded him of how his mom had been caring for him during his illness and he said how much it meant to him that she was nearby because he loved her so much - and he was grateful that SHE was his mother.




       I hope that these last few words will be a comfort to all of you gathered here today: As Shorty and I prepared to leave Mykle Sunday night, he had eaten a good dinner, he had just had a bronchial treatment so he was breathing much better - and he was resting comfortably. He asked Shorty to close the mini-blinds and draw the curtains, we hugged Mykle and we left after promising to sneak him one of his favorite sandwiches from Berrybrook Farms Health Food Store just as soon as he could have real food.


      As we walked away, we heard Mykle telling his nurse that she was his angel - and the person who was drawing his blood was his hero - and we just smiled.


      But Mykle had said what be wanted to say. He was grateful to the doctors and nurses for their care, to his family for always being there for him and to his friends who had traveled down so many roads with him through the years.


       As I stand here before you, I hope that you all are comforted by how truly grateful Mykle was to all of us.

      I am sure that he would want me to tell you.



       Thank you


       Sally Nehrenberg